They should grind it to powder, throw it in water and force the leaders of the world to drink it [Read more...]

The Backlash Begins to be Felt in Canada [Read more...]

Hey Cincinnati! Rich Leonardi has some Good News! “Curious About Catholicism?” lectures will be sponsored by the Hyde Park Cincinnati Cooperators Association. The first lecture will be for one hour and will take place Tuesday, June 29 at 7:30 PM in the community room at the Panera Bread Company in Hyde Park Plaza. Subsequent talks [Read More...]

New Catholic College My source tells me “David Whalen is an outstanding English professor and associate provost at Hillsdale College. he’s orthodox and knowledgeable abou the Catholic intellectual tradition. If he’s involved, you can trust the fidelity and educational vision of the enterprise.” And best of all, I’ve already got an Alma Mater tune for [Read More...]

Fairly Typically Americanist Take on the War with Radical Islam Refreshing candor and common sense about war. Sheer midsummer lunacy about the “religion of freedom”. It’s very true that the goal is victory, not perpetual war. It is idiotic to call freedom the object of a religion. Freedom is a means, not an end. To [Read More...]

One Reader Abandons the Evil Party [Read more...]

DMN Continues the Great Enema On the bright side, it appears Mahony tried to do the right thing here: “This priest must be arrested and returned to Los Angeles to suffer the consequences of his immoral actions.” [Read more...]

The Register is having a movie poll Visit There, you can choose your personal TOP FIVE movies that make you proud to be Catholic from the final list of nominees. [Read more...]

One sign that a culture has a deranged attitude to the human person… …is when it cares more about it’s pets than it does about the weakest humans in its midst. Some of these stories I can empathize with. A lot of it is deranged nonsense. $100,000 for the loss of a pet? Spare me. [Read more...]

Interesting Thesis: I would add that secularism also has sinless Suffering Saviors who bear the sins of the world (AIDS victims [think "Tom Hanks in 'Philadelphia'], various approved victim groups, etc.) It is also in possession of demons, of course (Christians, both Evangelical and orthodox Catholic, aka “fundamentalists’; “intolerant” people; Nazi (aka “anybody whose conservative [Read More...]