One Reader Abandons the Evil Party [Read more...]

DMN Continues the Great Enema On the bright side, it appears Mahony tried to do the right thing here: “This priest must be arrested and returned to Los Angeles to suffer the consequences of his immoral actions.” [Read more...]

The Register is having a movie poll Visit There, you can choose your personal TOP FIVE movies that make you proud to be Catholic from the final list of nominees. [Read more...]

One sign that a culture has a deranged attitude to the human person… …is when it cares more about it’s pets than it does about the weakest humans in its midst. Some of these stories I can empathize with. A lot of it is deranged nonsense. $100,000 for the loss of a pet? Spare me. [Read more...]

Interesting Thesis: I would add that secularism also has sinless Suffering Saviors who bear the sins of the world (AIDS victims [think "Tom Hanks in 'Philadelphia'], various approved victim groups, etc.) It is also in possession of demons, of course (Christians, both Evangelical and orthodox Catholic, aka “fundamentalists’; “intolerant” people; Nazi (aka “anybody whose conservative [Read More...]

Cerebral Actress Thinks Deep It turns out it’s okay to poke fun at (somebody else’s) most sacred beliefs. Oh, and she’s experienced the depths of human suffering too: One part of the movie that did bother her was the scene in which she fires a gun at a shooting range. Malone says she was hit [Read More...]

An unsolicited testimonial I finally got around to reading By What Authority? and found it a simply amazing little book. First class work, solidly-reasoned and well written. Best wishes. Tom Reeves Reeves, in case you don’t know, is a convert and the author of The Empty Church: Does Organized Religion Matter Anymore?, America’s Bishop: The [Read More...]

Dangeresque! The Director’s Digitally Enhanced Cut! aka, the latest StrongBad email! [Read more...]

Just to be clear… Signing your comment “anonymous” is just your way of saying “Please delete my comment”. [Read more...]

Dale Price Cracks Me Up [Read more...]