Oops! Fr. Richard John Neuhaus recently wrote a piece on historian Eamon Duffy who, according to news reports published by allegedly reliable vendors of religious journalism, had become an atheist and said all sorts of loopy things. Poor Fr. Neuhaus, thinking that media reliably report facts. Turns out Duffy is no such animal but is [Read More...]


Yesirree. American Catholic Culture is Desperately Hungry for Holy Bishops Our failure to have them is exclusively the fault of the hierarchy itself. We laypeople play no role whatsoever in shouting down expressions of orthodox Catholic faith and morals from our bishops and priests. We want them to challenge our deranged sexual morality! We do [Read More...]


Unfortunately the “Well, where are they?” problem continues to nag Meanwhile, while these issues are being sorted out, we say, “Hey! Let’s move on! We won! Next!” My problem (and the Administration’s): I’m inclined to think Iran’s regime needs to go. But my trust in the justification for the last war is eroding and that [Read More...]


I’ve been reading P.G. Wodehouse lately Hands down the funniest writer of English prose ever. Saw this and immediately thought, “Prince Bertie Wooster.” If you are looking for great hilarity in sparkling prose, try Wodehouse’s Code of the Woosters or one of the hundred other brilliant books he managed to confect out of sheer farcical [Read More...]


It’s amazing, the Svengali-like power these people have over the Dems Somehow, Dems go on believing that the Clintons care about somebody besides the Clintons and are continually surprised to discover that they don’t. Like the weird allegiance of devils in Milton. Not based on love but on something else: the lust for power [Read more...]


So fun to torment humorless liberal fascists Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? A: THAT’S NOT FUNNY! I AM OUTRAGED! OUTRAGED!!!!! [Read more...]


Well *that’s* a relief! We’ve found 2000 tons of WMDs at last! Oh. Wait. [Read more...]


Speaking of the whole “The problem is that Catholics are too docile to Authority” thing… Chris K. responds to a stupid post in one of Amy’s comments boxes: After all the discussion over this past year and all the background articles about parishioners defending an offending priest pastor I was kind of amazed by this [Read More...]


This article helpfully kills two birds with one stone It makes the case for homeschooling better than a thousand blogs from me and… It demonstrates once again that there just might be a problem in the culture of heavily Catholic Massachusetts that extends beyond a corrupt nucleus of ecclesiats. Naw! Nothing here that suggests that [Read More...]


Latest research from the best moral theologian money can buy! Heresy once again begins in the groin… and the wallet. Maybe the guy will do another paper on Matthew 6:24 and 1 Timothy 6:10. [Read more...]


“Whew! The Times Shot Itself in the Foot. So We Don’t Look Like Stonewalling Screwups as Much” It’s not *that* complex Monsignor. Bishops lied to parents and victims and protected abusers for years. They should have the decency to volunteer to take an early retirement and go away (if the Pope is willing to let [Read More...]


Very good interview with Fr. Paul Shaughnessy He’s the guy who wrote the “The Gay Priest Problem” for Catholic World Report, prophesying our present Troubles a year before the Scandal. [Read more...]