Dom: I have the same misgivings He lets the Churches stay open, so a little genocide is okay? I kinda think the bar has to be a little higher than that from the standpoint of a Catholic analysis of the justice of war against Iraq. [Read more...]

Pigs fly! Donna Brazile and I agree completely: the Dems need to listen to Al Sharpton. Listen *carefully*. Let *him* be your guiding light! You’re getting sleeeeeeepy! Make Al your candidate! Sleeeeeepy! [Read more...]

Ambivalence! Get Your Fresh Hot Ambivalence Right Here! Cameron, Morrison, Katz, and Miller all express baffled reservations about both pro-and anti-war arguments. Miller and Cameron appear to come down about where I do: tentatively Pro. Morrison is still up in the air. Katz definitely plumps for war. Miller’s is especially interesting because it is a [Read More...]

Another Successful Spinectomy Performed! Maida ran away!/He bravely ran away!/When danger reared its ugly head/he bravely turned his tail and fled!/Brave, brave, brave Sir Maida!. Read all about it on HMS Blog. For background on how such things happen, go here. So depressing. [Read more...]

Al Kresta urgently needs our prayers Al Kresta is known to many of you. He works for Ave Maria Radio in Michigan and is a fine convert. He has one of those rapidly growing, flesh-eating bacteria, and the condition is extremely life-threatening. They have already amputated one of his legs and may have to take [Read More...]

Comments boxes are functional again! Have at it, kids! [Read more...]

If Hans Blix worked for Microsoft… [Read more...]

The Usual Suspects Hyperventilate about Bush’s Public Piety Where were these guys when Clinton made use of various Evangelical stooges like Tony Campolo to feign soul-searching? Get used to it guys. Religious and biblical language has always suffused American political discourse. [Read more...]

Things that give me pause If we had been around in 70 AD, I wonder how many Catholic conservatives would have bitched about the cowardice of the hierarchy and their cozying up with dictators when they fled Jerusalem rather than engage in a hopeless war against the Roman powers who destroyed the city? No, I’m [Read More...]

Ask and you shall receive Somebody offers a rebuttal to Novak’s earlier piece. [Read more...]

Meanwhile, here’s something to ponder All of creation exists, according to Catholic teaching, for the sake of the Church, since the Church is one with its Lord and all things exist for his sake (Colossians 1:15-20). What happens if we really order our lives and our politics as though that is a statement about reality [Read More...]

Don’t Stand So Close To Me Just a thought: do proponents of war really *want* the leader of the Christian world saying “Go for it!” to the Bushies? Doncha kinda think that would corroborate everything the Foaming Bronze Age Fanatic Advertising department has been saying about “Crusaders”? I wonder if the Bushies aren’t secretly rather [Read More...]