The Great Enema Goes Global NPR interviews Brooks Egerton on various machinations to shuffle priests hither and thither around the world. What a joyous time to be Catholic! [Read more...]

D’oh! It turns out Fr. Sibley, Heroic Priest is in the diocese of Lafayette, LA, not New Orleans. Do write his diocese and tell them how cool he is. [Read more...]

Research Suggests Canadian Homosexual Community Has Greatly Inflated its Population Claims But, that would suggest that dishonesty and narcissism are rampant in the gay community! [Read more...]

A reader writes: I’m taking my first trip to Europe next month: three days in London followed by two days in Frankfurt. That means about fourteen hours of airplane reading time. I’d be curious to know what three “Euro-Catholic”-themed books your readers would recommend I take along. Two candidates are Peter Ackroyd’s biography of Thomas [Read More...]

The Worst Thing Reagan Ever Did Our greatest gifts and our greatest sins typically grow very close to one another. Reagan’s thoroughly American faith in the individual made him the best champion against totalitarian evil. That same faith made it possible for him to strike a thoroughly destructive blow against the family via no-fault divorce. [Read More...]

This Week’s Great Enema Poster Boy: Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre [Read more...]

For today’s peculiar theological free association… Here’s this extremely strange and funny story and this warning from Leviticus about what happens to a people that breaks its covenant with God (not that that could possibly have anything to do with us, of course): I will set my face against you, and you shall be smitten [Read More...]

Dan Rather in the presence of Bill Clinton reminds me of Mr. Smithers in the presence of Mr. Burns Why read the memoirs of a man who can’t remember anything when giving sworn testimony? [Read more...]

American Idol Jumps the Shark One of the first rules of American pop culture is that when Evangelical Christians start trying to imitate the trend, it has passed its sell-by date. [Read more...]

Common Sense A reader very sensibly writes: Please ask all faithful Catholics you know to arrange to have Masses said for pro-life and pro-family victories at the polls this Nov. 2004. The Mass is, among other things, a very proper arena for spiritual warfare. Catholics who make use of its power, not for political gain, [Read More...]