By the way, Prolife Guy is a mensch. Pay his blog a visit [Read more...]

Robert Gotcher attempts to think with the Tradition about the War [Read more...]

The University of Oklahoma’s Society of the Gospel is on the air! Another hopeful sign of Spring from the youth of the Church. By the way, to all moaners and groaners and proclaimers that the Springtime of Evangelization is a failure: Are you aware that there are 200,000 converts to the Church every year in [Read More...]

Okay, it’s true. My mind makes odd connections I passed on an oral tradition to my kids today. Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts, Mangled up in monkey meat, Little piggies dirty feet! French-fried eyeballs rollin’ in a bowl of soup! And me without a spoon! (I’ve got a strawwwwwww!) One of the [Read More...]

I’m with Dom. So far, I’m not seeing a terribly solid case against this guy [Read more...]

Wind Storm One of the great things about living in Seattle is that we get these delicious wind storms. I live in a place that is basically built on a long sloping hillside (hills begin about fifty feet from the shore of Puget Sound and continue getting higher until you’ve reached Stevens Pass in the [Read More...]

Kucinich: Another Whore for the Sacrament of Abortion For Catholics, the Eucharist, the celebration of the living Christ, is the sacrament of unity, the ultimate binding power that holds the mystical body of Christ together. For the mystical body of Satan, the sacrament of abortion, the celebration of the death of innocents, is the parody, [Read More...]

A chance to hold another episcopacy’s feet to the fire (Warning: this link has a rather graphic photo attached of a gay priest advertising his endowments.) Steve Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful continue to make life very uncomfortable for episcopal eunuchs. In case, you are wondering, here’s the contact info for the guy who, though [Read More...]

Padre Capodanno: A Catholic Hero Something to lift your spirits for the AM. A verray parfit gentil knight. [Read more...]

Another Chance to Unleash the Power of the Blog Over at the Corner, Rod Dreher talks about a Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Dinner that will honor Eliot Spitzer, the second most powerful proabort in New York State. The dias will be shared by Cdl. Egan. Why not write his eminence and suggest this is [Read More...]

I’m getting tired So many of the people critical of the Pope seem to think that if they can just argue me into the ground about how wrong the Pope is to leave bad bishops in office it will somehow change things. Even when I agree with them, they go on. A classic example of [Read More...]

Mobile arguments for war When somebody says Saddam poses less of a threat to us than North Korea, it’s quite common to say, “What about his brutality to his own people!” Aside from the fact that that North Korea is also brutal to their own people, there the uncomfortable reality that Saddam appears to be [Read More...]