Did I mention that we saw 64 Bald Eagles the other day? I love living in Washington! Our float down the Skagit was so beautiful and fun! 21.3 miles (thanks GPS!) and every foot of it beautiful. Slept like babies that night. [Read more...]


And Catholics Fund this Whorehouse Why? A reader sez: St. Mary’s College (Notre Dame, IN – Notre Dame’s sister school) funded a trip for four students to attent a pro-abortion leadership conference. (Those students who went to the pro-life rally in DC had to fund it themselves and did not have an excused absence from [Read More...]


A reader writes: My father has a long history of writing letters to our bishop. While not one of the weaselly variety who would be in the running for your “Worst Bishop Still Serving” award, he has often been disappointingly silent on our Christian duty to vote pro-life, even going so far as to say [Read More...]


Doublethink This article, in translation, seems to say, “The US is hell bent for leather to go to war against a country that has not violated UN Resolution 1441 and they’ll be sorry because Iraq will use all those WMD they don’t have.” [Read more...]


On the other hand… The space program (and sci fi devotees) preserve, at their best, one of the essential components of being human and being a Christian: the sense of wonder and even gratitude. (Even hard-boiled pantheists who think they are atheists like Carl Sagan can’t escape it. See Contact if you don’t believe me.) [Read More...]


WSJ on spirituality and space exploration Makes sense. The main place that serious theological speculation is being done on a massive popular scale is in science fiction. I don’t say it’s very *good* speculation. A lot of it is frankly garbage or embarrassingly shallow (see “Star Wars”). But it’s the only place where people feel [Read More...]


One of the reasons Catholic culture is so great It’s so down to earth! [Read more...]


A reader writes: I’ve included two articles (here and here) from the Columbus Dispatch concerning the attempted removal of three priests after their cases went before the lay review board. Two of the cases are pretty easy. The priests admit to wrongdoing. The third case is the interesting one. Father Weithman has been accused by [Read More...]


Jeremy Lott on Harold Bloom on Gnosticism Actually, I’ve long believed as well that the majority of Americans (including Christians) have a deeply gnostic hue to their faith. There’s a profound distrust of the Incarnation in our post-Protestant culture. Every flashpoint between Evangelicalism (and AmChurch) and actual Catholic faith tends to center around our encounter [Read More...]


Here’s the Vatican thingie on the New Age Movement Warning to American readers: Read twice and put the *most charitable* construction on it before you begin looking for your pet conspiracy. Use only under adult supervision. [Read more...]


St. Francis, Revised Blogging Version “Keep writing always, and if possible, get paid!” By the way, the PayPal button is still fully functional. (Thanks to Amy, who is currently undergoing treatment for withdrawal in my Methadone Comments Boxes.) [Read more...]


Now here’s an idea! Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see an episode on some TV drama where the hero or heroine is given vital moral support, information, inspiration and instruction by faceless people around the world who are members of, oh what should be we call it? “St. Blog’s parish?” I think it could be [Read More...]