Evan Donovan has a blog! E I E I O! [Read more...]


Lileks Points the Way! The solution to the Scandal has been found. If you are a priest given to proclivities for the underaged, just become a screenwriter and you’ll be lionized as a genius who does careful and realistic research! And if you are bishop, just become a director and you can overlook whatever your [Read More...]


A friend near the Beltway writes: This book was listed on the religion page of the WaPo this morning. You might find food for thought in it– Adventures in Missing the Point: How the Culture-Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel It is not yet available on Amazon or B&N.; Did get an e-mail saying it should [Read More...]


A cautionary tale for us all [Read more...]


And now a few words from a fan of the Old South A reader writes: I like Yankees. I really do. In fact, I consider myself a Yankee, having lived in Michigan virtually all my life (I was born in Canada). Nevertheless, I find Yankee sanctimony not merely annoying but historically unfounded, at least as [Read More...]


Dom Bettinelli does an interesting fisk of attempted hatchet job on Fr. Groeschel I saw this over the weekend and had my doubts about the article. Dom confirms them. Also, some good questions about what’s going on in Chicago and a quick glimpse of the slithery slippery eel-like behavior of the utterly disingenuous Cdl. Mahony, [Read More...]


Pete Vere expresses his misgivings about war [Read more...]


Bp. Adamec has a long history of gagging people It’s making me gag right now. [Read more...]


When the Right Embraces the Ring Lucianne.com features this chilling little paragraph: Torture Time? The weekend apprehension of al Qaeda next-to-Mr. Biggest Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was good cause for international high-fives. It seems, at the last minute, money talked and his neighbors turned him in. His capture sent TV producers scrambling for anyone around on [Read More...]


This is disturbing. If it’s accurate it raises some pretty big questions about the legitimacy of this proposed war. Anybody have any background on it? [Read more...]


A friend in the reserves writes: I agree with you that trying to read the tea leaves regarding how the impending war will go is tough at best. I have this gut sense — OK, mostly just a hope — that all the Iraqi saber rattling will come to naught once the troops start surrendering. [Read More...]


The Latest on Al Kresta 1. Al remains in GOOD condition. 2. Al has been moved from the Step Down Unit to a General Surgical Room. 3. Al appreciated all the callers, well wishers etc, to the program yesterday. Alexis brought the CD to his room and played it for AL and Sally. We had [Read More...]