Why it’s important to step outside the hothouse of comments boxes. Back in the 80s, when I worked at the University of Washington, one woman I worked with expressed her astonishment that Reagan was elected by a landslide in ’84 when “nobody I work with would vote for him.” Yes, well, that certainly was a [Read More...]


What is it with some Conservative Christians? The first impulse seems so often to be to bayonet their own. This month, in a world riven by war, while the Church is bowed under the weight of scandal involving gross sin against the most innocent in our culture, even as a Catholic candidate for President pledges [Read More...]


The Singhsons Rule My burning question is: who runs the Quickie-Mart now? [Read more...]


A happy confluence of comments One commenter, upset about my attempts to say “torture is bad” complains: This, from Mr. Exaggerated Headline himself? This blog has officially jumped the shark. Zippy is right. This weblog author is lying. What I am allegedly lying about? It’s not clear. Apparently I’m lying about Bush and claiming that [Read More...]


I can’t think why there could be a backlash brewing against the Loopy Left in Canada [Read more...]


This sounds interesting Horror is actually a deeply Christian genre of literature many times. Stephen King has said that he sees himself as an heir to puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards. And William Peter Blatty very consciously wrote The Exorcist as an act of Catholic evangelization. In an age which finds it difficult to believe in [Read More...]


Hubbard Cleared in Albany [Read more...]


Evil Party Struggles to Become Stupid Party [Read more...]


Gay Brownshirts on the March! [Read more...]


Schizophrenics for Bush and Kerry! [Read more...]