Interesting comparison and contrast on the difference between actual obedience to the Tradition and mere slavery to Traditionalism And Then? cites two pieces she saw on the web recently. In the words of the parable of Jesus, “Which of the two sons did what his Father asked?” [Read more...]

Kevin Miller has a very interesting discussion of Just War Theory [Read more...]

Scarce today. Writing more Bible studies Just FYI. [Read more...]

Why don’t they administer the lie detector test *before* they panic a nation? The scariest thing about this war is that the government that brought you the NTSA is in charge of prosecuting it. [Read more...]

About How I Thought it Would Go JPII refuses to cheerlead for war, tells Iraq to be serious about compliance with 1441. Aziz insists he works for a harmless fuzzball. Smiles and pictures. Everybody goes home. [Read more...]

Interesting but unconvincing attempt to analyze Bush’s religious motivations I was as offput by his “power, power, wonder-working power” reference in the SOTU as I was by Bill Clinton’s promise of a “New Covenant”. But religious language has *always* suffused American political language. As to the rest, precisely what I’ve *not* seen in Bush’s approach [Read More...]

I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing Osama’s been dead for a year, but the mythmakers thought they could keep him alive via audiotape. However, the myth is wearing thin so, like bad screenwriters, they’re looking for a way to bring that plot thread to a close. “I know! Let’s have him martyr himself!” said [Read More...]

Okay. I’m wrong The Pope’s not a pacifist. Which makes his approach to the coming war all the more puzzling to me. I wish he’d return my phone calls. I mean, how busy could he be? [Read more...]

A reader (with a background in Middle Eastern studies and actual familiarity with Christian missions in Muslim lands) writes: Here is a piece that I found on the Christianity Today site about the status of Christian mission in the Muslim world. I thought that you might want to point your readers to this in light [Read More...]

A bit more good news A reader writes: If you’re interested in more good news on Catholic Institutions standing up for Church teaching, here’s an article for you: Essentially, a group of pro-abortionists took out a full page in the local paper on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. (The News-Journal in Wilmington, Delaware.) One [Read More...]

The Jesus Said “Huh?” Thing was Just a Joke …not a life philosophy. Just for balance, allow me to present “In Defense of Theology“. I’m the last person in the world to think that the gospel is simplistic. [Read more...]

The Hope for the Future of the American Church It’s delectable for an old fart like me to watch as the tables are turned and serious Catholics become the outnumbered subversives going up against The Man. I think Catholics do some of their best work as outnumbered subversives and there’s a definite gleefulness–what Tolkien called [Read More...]