By the way, I was right: The pole star of Sullivan’s journalism *was* driving his sudden abandonment of Bush Scroll down to “the Marriage Thing”. Time was when Islamofascists were the big threat to The Most Important Thing In Sullivan’s World. Now Bush is. So bye bye Bush. [Read more...]

Apparently sin even makes Donald Rumsfeld stupid [Read more...]

Why I’m such an Annoying Pain in the Butt About the Torture Thing If the Chief Executive really is playing with the idea that he is free to order the torture of anybody, anywhere, at anytime, so long as he deems them a “national security threat” that is a huge–epochally huge, watershed-in-American-history HUGE, world-shaking HUGE–potential [Read More...]

Cheap Laffs at the Beatles’ Expense [Read more...]

Happy News for CAEI Critics! Let what is deep within you come out whenever I write something that ticks you off! [Read more...]

“In light of the president’s complete authority over the conduct of war, … the prohibition against torture [in the 1994 criminal statute] must be construed as inapplicable to interrogations undertaken pursuant to his commander-in-chief authority.” – “Working Group Report” prepared for Rumsfeld by Pentagon lawyers and others Which, being translated means: “In other words, the [Read More...]

Thanks to the Miracle of Modern Technology… …you can watch my son Luke hock a loogey, do his Pippi Longstocking impression, get a mullet, paint himself blue, and give John Rhys-Davies bunny ears. He used to be such a shy kid. [Read more...]

When PC Agendas Collide As a good postmodern who just wants to know which script I’m supposed to follow as the news guides me toward what I should think, I’m confused. Do I conform my mind to the “Scientists Bring Light of Rational Truth to Superstitious Religionists” template or am I supposed to follow the [Read More...]

Hollywood Continues Preliminary Softening Strategy for the Eventual Rollout of the “What’s so Bad about Sex With Children?” Campaign that Will (Inevitably) Be Launched by our Sex-Besotted Elites Mark my words: The day will eventually come when the Catholic Church is condemned by our elites for opposing sex with children just as strenuously as it [Read More...]

Come to France this September with Fr. Rob Johansen and me! You’ll get to go to cool places like Lourdes, Chartres and Notre Dame Sans Jesus du Touchdown! Find out more about the details here! [Read more...]