I suspect this really means “US Chastity Crusade Gets Cool Response from Media People Who Are Telling You About It” I wonder what the ordinary people who responded think of it. [Read more...]


A reader writes: Something that’s been bugging me lately: Based on what I’ve seen of the debate regarding life extension medicine, there seems to be a growing number of people who are coming to feel that physical immortality is achievable and death will soon no longer be an issue. While that is certainly highly debatable [Read More...]


Get Religion Ponders the Non-Big Bang of the DMN series I don’t have a lot to add to the comments. As ever, I think Tom of Disputations has pretty well sized things up. Basically, there’s not a lot to add to what’s already been said about the Situation. I’m not persuaded that calling it “global” [Read More...]


The Anglican Communion: Laboring to Make the World Safe for Incest Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As we all know, Levitical prohibitions against incest are *exactly* the same as prohibitions against shellfish or boiling a kid in its mothers milk. [Read more...]


One gets it, one doesn’t One reader gets it: “The point here is that that the evidence indicates torture was seriously considered as a possible option. The immorality of this activity stems not from whether the acts committed or recommended or justified were officially approved, but that they were considered at length in the first [Read More...]


Fr. Klep is being kicked out of Samoa. The Rest of the Salesians May Get Kicked Out Too “Deportation” is the Samoan term for “Great Enema”. [Read more...]


The Pope and the Harlem Globetrotters JPII: Providing humorless bitter people opportunities to get irrationally angry for over 25 years. [Read more...]


Cosmopolitan, Pacifist, Pantywaist, Euroweenie, Anti-American Bishops Arrested by Chinese Commies Tyrant-loving Vatican protests, but who cares? They’re just bishops and they probably were asking for it. [Read more...]


A Kiwi Readers Asks Youse Guys to Pray for the Defeat of This Bill [Read more...]


Fr. Rob’s a Busy Bee Don’t forget to check out his blog. [Read more...]