Joseph Adamec of the Altoona-Johnstown diocese throws his hat into the ring for the Worst Still-Serving Bishop Award! It’s a tough go, given all the sleaze of the past year, to find bishops who distinguish themselves in corruption, but Bp. Adamec appears to be trying to go for the gold here. One informative article tells [Read More...]

Have I mentioned I’m looking for a replacement for Haloscan? I’m getting tired of the unreliability. If you know of one, just write it in the… drat! [Read more...]

Update on Al Kresta Today Al’s Condition remains Critical. He remains in The Surgical Critical Care Unit. However, by the grace of God and through your countless intercessions, AL continues to respond well to treatment. Al has been removed from the ventilator, he is completely breathing on his own. Al is no longer sedated. He [Read More...]

Saddam and Bush Debate! [Read more...]

Victor Lams has inspired me Over on his blog he’s been putting captions to Homeland Security artwork. So I thought I’d try a hand Do they *have* to use so much incense at this Mass? This Way to the “Secrets of Roswell, NM” Display In case of emergency, extremely thin red arrows will be allowed [Read More...]

A reader weighs in on SNAP’s Stockholm Syndrome I found an interesting quote in a Boston Globe article about Bishop Lennon’s planned time of prayer and penance for priests over the scandal: ”There is certainly a role for the spiritual in getting out of this crisis, but it is only a limited role,” said Ann [Read More...]

“As far as I’m concerned, war always means failure.” – Jacques Chirac Uh, you might want to rephrase that, Monsieur Chirac. More jokes about the French here. By the way, just an observation. It is curious that a nation as *intensely* hypersensitive and phobic about ethnic humor as the United States has this complete open [Read More...]

If only we would ordain women, things like this would never happen! [Read more...]

Why didn’t Jesus abolish slavery? One of my readers asks that. In reply I would point out that Christianity is not and never was a “social reform movement” as popularly conceived. It *spawned* zillions of social reform movements (including the abolition of slavery–which not only was but *is* a common feature of the non-Christian world). [Read More...]

Fasting and Praying for Saddam Hussein This, like fasting and praying for peace, soitanly couldn’t hoit. [Read more...]

Another Sign of Spring! 19 year old British Catholic Francis Murphy is on the air! [Read more...]

Steve Ray reports on Al Kresta: It is Sunday evening and Janet and I were able to visit Al and Sally the last two days. Things remain critical but with continued hopeful signs of encouragement. First, Al’s anesthesia is being reduced. He continues to recognize us and squeezes our hand acknowledging his awareness of our [Read More...]