From our Demented Friends in Germany A Communist theme park. “Who’s the wielder of the club that’s made for you and me?” [Read more...]

Farewell Mr. Rogers He was such a fundamentally decent man. So often you don’t realize someone’s greatness till they die, because they aren’t in your face trying to remind you how great they are. I shall mourn his passing. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, [Read More...]

Lovely piece by Amy on Catholic Exchange Great site! Check it out. [Read more...]

Sometimes my blog feels like a literary salon Yesterday I linked to Amy’s misgivings about war. Today I give you Justin Katz’ reply! [Read more...]

Minute Particulars is so consistently good …and so many atheists are so consistently stuck in their sophomore year in high school. [Read more...]

Amy Welborn is so great! Once again, the spirit of Flannery O’Connor hovers with benevolent beatitude and a smartly cocked eyebrow over the keyboard of the Wise Woman of Indiana and inspires her to ask some rather common sense questions of the “JPII is an idiot for not blessing our War!” crowd. It will piss [Read More...]

Dale Price on the AmChurch Liturgy Gestapo and its determination to Make an Example of Fr. Rob Johansen We’ll miss ya, Fr. Rob. By the way, congrats to Dale and Heather on their new tyke! “Mark Phillip” is a *really* good name, if you are still in the market for one. [Read more...]

Here’s my latest column for Catholic Parent What are you waiting for? You should subscribe! Most of HMS Blog is writing for it! [Read more...]

More Praise and Thanks to God! Al Kresta’s condition is upgraded to FAIR. Al has been moved to the step down unit form surgical intensive care. All blood pressure medication has been removed. Al is beginning to take some food. Praise God for this wonderful step forward towards recovery. [Read more...]

Thanks be to God! SCOTUS rules in favor of abortion protestors and against NOW. HMS Blog has the scoop! [Read more...]

By the way… …while I’m engaged in my nefarious plan to deceive the nations and lead countless souls into error and damnation, allow me to recommend The Hidden Key to Harry Potter by John Granger. He’s an Orthodox (!) writer who argues rather persuasively that Rowling is writing in the Christian tradition of C.S. Lewis [Read More...]

The War of the Rose, Episode MMMMLXXXVIII [Read more...]