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It turns out the GOP *forced* Kucinich to flip-flop on abortion Riiiiiight. [Read more...]

I see that nothing disinfects like daylight Fr. Gera goes to his sudden and well-deserved retirement (thanks to the ministrations of Roman Catholic Faithful, Drudge and the Smoking Gun) and a reader writes: I was thinking about Fr. Francis T. Gera and his meretricious habits, and something occurred to me. It seems to me that [Read More...]

A friend who is a reservist writes: As one who could get whisked away to locations at home and abroad to take part in Iraq-related military efforts, I thought you might be interested in my take on all of this. I see the Iraq issue as one that contains a primary and a secondary component. [Read More...]

Sorry about the Attack of the High School Sophomore Yesterday being the Sabbath, I wasn’t paying attention to the comments boxes. All the grafitti is now gone. One of the curious things about high school sophomores is how deeply they believe in their right to spray paint other people’s property and that any attempt by [Read More...]

I’m outta here for the weekend. Here’s my latest on Catholic Exchange For more detail, read Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship. [Read more...]

Catholic Exchange Unveils New Spanish-Language Channel! If you habla Espanol, check it out! [Read more...]

As a matter of fact, Caesar *is* quite capable of overreaching If there’s anything the 20th Century should have taught us, it’s that. This is why reform of the Church is so vital. Given half a chance, Caesar will stamp out the one serious challenge to his ancient claim to be God. The Church cannot [Read More...]

Another attack on the Seal of the Confessional Thanks to Peony Moss for the heads up. She blogs on this too. [Read more...]

Chris Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal writes to say: “Houston, we have antichrist! So much for Roman Catholic eschatology.” [Read more...]

Alistair Cooke has always seemed very sensible to me He still does. [Read more...]

Lovely piece by Rod Dreher We worship a God of hope. [Read more...]