Ideas Have Consequences How is it that I can be so unclear as to get a response like this: Face it: The President did not order torture, nor would he do so, no matter how the liberal media wishes to spin things. Case closed. Look. I have not said–ever–that the President ordered torture. What I [Read More...]

Homosexuality! The Glory of Our Age! It is so good of the Seattle PI to fill the crying void in our news coverage for pieces that sing the praises of the courage, grace, magnanimity, wit, love, compassion, spirituality and sheer human beauty of homosexuality. So much of the mainstream press is filled with stories about [Read More...]

As we all know, the evil pagan Catholic Church completely forgot its Jewish origins and imported the notion of prayers to the dead… …from the Jews. [Read more...]

Apparently the blog was being weird for a while Somehow several posts overwrote previous ones. The problem seems to be gone now, but that’s why the comments on the DMN piece seem to be about something else. Technology: making it easier to confuse ourselves with the push of a button! [Read more...]

Episcopal Bishop Robinson Calls for End to Patriarchy Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob call for end to ECUSA. [Read more...]

Good News: “I have never ordered torture,” Bush said. “I will never order torture. The values of this country are such that torture is not a part of our soul and our being.” Bad News: “I accept the legal conclusion of the attorney general and the Department of Justice that I have the authority under [Read More...]

Evil Party Candidate Pledges More Fanatical Devotion to Moloch Catholic Kerry supporters rush to justify baby cannibalization. Kerry: Because 50% of Catholic voters have IQ’s below average. [Read more...]

My son Matthew, I am proud to say, is a member of the local Youth for Life He makes me bust my buttons with parental boastfulness. A great guy. So are the kids in this piece. [Read more...]

Here’s a scary piece about a CIA spook who is not sanguine about the success of the War on Terror I sure hope he’s wrong. [Read more...]

Since you know you are going to order the The Passion of the Christ on DVD… why not click on this link to order it and then I get a few Amazon shekels for my Christmas stocking? [Read more...]