A puzzled Episcopalian writes I am a regular reader of your blog, and one thing has puzzled me. I am curious about things Catholic, being an Episcopalian who is seriously considering jumping the Anglican ship and swimming the Tiber. One of my sticking points, however, is the authority of the Pope. Now, at college I [Read More...]


Fr. Canice Connors has lots of advice for Michael Novak, yet had no particular advice for John Geoghan Thanks for your input, padre. It will be given the consideration it deserves. [Read more...]


A new blog from a woman exploited by abortion [Read more...]


A reader writes: Your mindless legions await your direction: Pray, tell us which Catholic newspaper is worthy of our attention. The National Catholic Register seems to be way off on the theological left, and I’ve heard diocesan priests damning The Wanderer as a reactionary rag. To whom should we subscribe? First, let me say what [Read More...]


Walked to Mass this morning with Jan Bright crisp February morning. Sunbeams through the branches of the evergreens. Cold clean air in my lungs. Golden light on the treetops. Breath hanging in the air. Quiet conversation about the kids and getting ready for Lent. A chance to pray quietly for a half an hour. The [Read More...]


Unleash the power of the blog! Go here and read this. Summary: Sen. Hatch (the embodiment of the toothless Country Club Republican) is floating a bill that would look like a ban on cloning while in fact opening the door wide to human cloning farms). Sen. Brownback is backing a serious ban. Get off your [Read More...]


Lucky me! A reader sez: Be glad. Be very glad. You don’t have a “watcher.” Someone who has created a blog exclusively designed to refute every little sentence you write on your blog (with vicious invective thrown in as a bonus). Andrew Sullivan and Instapundit have one each. Here’s the one for Sullivan: http://sullywatch.blogspot.com/ It [Read More...]


Yeah, I think it’s pretty fishy too A reader writes: Don’t know if you saw the allegations about Tolkien’s son on Michael Dubruiel’s blog. It was very depressing to me, so I spent the last two hours searching the web for any related stories. What I found was sort of odd. I posted this to [Read More...]


So Where’s Amy Welborn? [Read more...]


Dear Heaven! The Pope is meeting with Tariq Aziz next week!!!! That proves he’s a lickspittle slave of tyrants!!!! If this man were from God, he would know what sort of person Aziz is, a friend of tax collectors and sinners! The Pope is ritually defiled by contact with him! Of course, he’s meeting with [Read More...]


Brethren, turn with me in your Bibles to John 10:32 [Read more...]


A typically thoughtful post by Minute Particulars on the various meanings of “miracle” He raises a good question: what is the sense of somebody who denies the reality of free will trying to persuade people of something? And, I might add, what is the sense of their being “pro-choice”? Yet our culture is full of [Read More...]