Another Conflicted Reader writes: I share very much your opinion on the current “war” situation (as I do on many other topics): I see no alternative to dislodging Saddam by force, but I hate the idea of waging a war and I am challenged by the official statements coming from Rome. But the more I [Read More...]

Lest we forget This is the man who is one of the major forces in the Democratic party. Mr. Truman, you must be rolling in your grave. [Read more...]

Amy Welborn is blegging for good Lenten reading for a webpage she’s preparing Help her out if you can! [Read more...]

More on Al Kresta FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEWS FROM THE AVE MARIA FOUNDATION For Additional Information Contact: BILL KOSHELNYK – 734-930-3646 Radio Talk Show Host, Al Kresta In Critical Condition After Surgery “ANN ARBOR, MI, WED., 2/19/03 – Al Kresta, host of the syndicated Catholic radio talk show, “Kresta in the Afternoon,” was listed [Read More...]

My readers are brilliant! Re: the Sisters of Mercy “Give our pro-abort ‘Catholic’ governor a photo op!” lunch date, one of my readers has the following ingenious suggestion: “The best thing would be for a pro-life family or group of families to give the highest bid for this auction item. That would be an ideal [Read More...]

Dom: I have the same misgivings He lets the Churches stay open, so a little genocide is okay? I kinda think the bar has to be a little higher than that from the standpoint of a Catholic analysis of the justice of war against Iraq. [Read more...]

Pigs fly! Donna Brazile and I agree completely: the Dems need to listen to Al Sharpton. Listen *carefully*. Let *him* be your guiding light! You’re getting sleeeeeeepy! Make Al your candidate! Sleeeeeepy! [Read more...]

Ambivalence! Get Your Fresh Hot Ambivalence Right Here! Cameron, Morrison, Katz, and Miller all express baffled reservations about both pro-and anti-war arguments. Miller and Cameron appear to come down about where I do: tentatively Pro. Morrison is still up in the air. Katz definitely plumps for war. Miller’s is especially interesting because it is a [Read More...]

Another Successful Spinectomy Performed! Maida ran away!/He bravely ran away!/When danger reared its ugly head/he bravely turned his tail and fled!/Brave, brave, brave Sir Maida!. Read all about it on HMS Blog. For background on how such things happen, go here. So depressing. [Read more...]

Al Kresta urgently needs our prayers Al Kresta is known to many of you. He works for Ave Maria Radio in Michigan and is a fine convert. He has one of those rapidly growing, flesh-eating bacteria, and the condition is extremely life-threatening. They have already amputated one of his legs and may have to take [Read More...]

Comments boxes are functional again! Have at it, kids! [Read more...]

If Hans Blix worked for Microsoft… [Read more...]