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Dale Price Cracks Me Up [Read more...]


More on the attempt by godless philosophers to concoct justifications for human rights Step right this way and watch the amazing sleight of hand tricks by Rawls and Rorty! The hand is quicker than the eye! They steal from the Judeo-Christian tradition you never notice it! [Read more...]


At Bat: Gay Marriage On Deck: Polygamy Third at Bat: What’s So Bad about Sex with Children? [Read more...]


The DMN has begun its series chronicling the adventures of various priests and Church officials… running a sort of worldwide ratline to get perverts from hot water point A to unsuspecting point B. They’ll be running this multi-part series for the next several days. The stories themselves are much like the other stories we’ve heard: [Read More...]


A dear friend writes: I’ve been glancing at material on your blog and on the whole, I realize that I have a moral obligation to try eventually (certainly before November) to sort out this torture thing. I do have some basic epistemological issues – first of all, the sources of some of this information are [Read More...]


If only Anglican clergy could marry! Oh. Wait. [Read more...]


It’s okay though. He’s just a Christian. And besides, he’s a priest, so he probably had it coming A priest sentenced to 15 years in prison for speaking out about anti-Christian persecution received a sentence reduction for “good conduct,” but some observers fear he is being drugged. [Read more...]


A reader asks I wonder if you have an answer to a question I have regarding the Catholic faith: What am I to think about the Ascension and the Assumption? The difficulty I have with these dogmas is the idea that a physical body is “in heaven” which is, as I understand it, not a [Read More...]


Vatican to Hold Symposium on Evolution Sounds interesting to me. [Read more...]