Wednesday in New Zealand I’m at John Jensen’s office at the Uni, waiting for he and Susan to return with the car. The talk last night to the Youth Group went well and I slept in the Jensen’s freezing cold house under a *heap* of blankets and quilts. Saw the Southern Cross last night, as [Read More...]

More Scandalous than Its Teaching on Contraception, Abortion, Divorce, Closed Communion, and the Male-Only Priesthood…. is the Church’s teaching on Mercy. The natural, fallen, human reaction is summed up in “You expect me to forgive *him* after what he’s done? And when he doesn’t show a hint of remorse?!” To which our Lord replies, “Yes.” [Read More...]

Tuesday Morning, N Zed The conference ended Sunday, so yesterday was play day. We all piled into cars and drove over to the west side of the Island (where, I was informed, “Westies” live. These strange creatures allegedly dress all in black and have their own subculture which decent Aucklanders look askance at.) We took [Read More...]

The Latest from Auckland Sorry I’ve been scarce. The conference took up the whole weekend and since I’m a day ahead of everybody in the US, it meant I couldn’t post from your Friday till today, which is Sunday there but Monday here. (This, by the way, is why the world can’t come to an [Read More...]

She Wants to Devote her Time to Pretending to be a Priest [Read more...]

Catching up on Santorum I’m writing from a hotel computer on one of those time card things, so I don’t have time to surf much. Plus, as a cosmopolitan globe-trotting international type guy, I’m naturally far above the petty concerns of, ‘ow you say, American politics. However, I gather Rick Santorum appears to have observed [Read More...]

En Zed: Die Two Heer in En Zed, paypul tahk strainjly. Theh most nitable hebit is to sweetch valls arand so thet A’s become short E’s and short E’s become long E’s. Also, short I’s git tuhned unto U’s, such as in fush and chups. Ahem. Yesterday was Adjust the Circadian Rhythm Day. Spent lounging [Read More...]

It will be really fascinating… to see how the “America: Messiah Nation” folks, who pulled out the stops to bash JPII as a moral dwarf and promised oceans of gratitude from Iraqis will deal with the situation that appears to be rapidly developing. It’s been, what?, three weeks since the statue came down in Baghdad? [Read More...]

Then again, maybe I’m wrong Got an email from a reader who’s spent some time in New Hampshire. Reader tells me that Bp. McCormack appears, to those close to him, to be going through a rather wrenching period of repentance. I ask myself: If Peter were alive today, would I be so loud and insistent [Read More...]

Josh Claybourn Confirms His Coolness Josh writes a rave review of Nickel Creek, a terrific trio of young acoustic whiz kids who you should get to know. Here’s a link to their first album, ingeniously titled “Nickel Creek“. Josh makes a point that’s long troubled me as well. Music, like so many other things in [Read More...]

Check this out! A reader tells me that she and a friend have started a site dedicated to reviewing Sci-Fi and fantasy novels from both a Christian and literary perspective. Orson Scott Card has observed (and he’s dead right, in my opinion), that science fiction and fantasy are the primary arenas in our culture for [Read More...]

Greetings from New Zealand! Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I’m writing you from the bacon-scented environs of a fashionable hotel in Auckland, New Zealand. You may be asking yourself, “Mark!” (well, except you wouldn’t say, “Mark!” if your name is something else. But you get the idea.) Anyway, you may be asking yourself, [Read More...]