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I’m outta here My latest is up at Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]

Part of what disturbs me… about what might be called the “Buchananite Traditionalist” faction of Catholics who oppose war with Iraq (as distinct from the Dorothy Day types) is that a none-too-subtle anti-semitism undergirds their thought. Exhibit A: Note that in addition to the various links to Church leaders opposing war, we also get [Read More...]

The sort of pathetic dreck you’d expect from the Netherlands [Read more...]

Just to help increase my reader’s sense of moral paralysis… As I’ve mentioned, I’m conflicted about war, however, I plump for it in the end since I think it’s suicide to let Saddam stand astride the economic carotid artery of the world with nukes and I especially think that a region crawling with people who [Read More...]

Idjit with a keyboard works for Detroit Free Press! Feel free to write him with your opinion of the chemical activity that passes for “thought” in his cranial cavity. [Read more...]

More Good News Retired Bp. Paul Dudley is cleared of abuse charges. Everything I’ve heard about the guy is good. [Read more...]

Interesting comparison and contrast on the difference between actual obedience to the Tradition and mere slavery to Traditionalism And Then? cites two pieces she saw on the web recently. In the words of the parable of Jesus, “Which of the two sons did what his Father asked?” [Read more...]

Kevin Miller has a very interesting discussion of Just War Theory [Read more...]

Scarce today. Writing more Bible studies Just FYI. [Read more...]

Why don’t they administer the lie detector test *before* they panic a nation? The scariest thing about this war is that the government that brought you the NTSA is in charge of prosecuting it. [Read more...]

About How I Thought it Would Go JPII refuses to cheerlead for war, tells Iraq to be serious about compliance with 1441. Aziz insists he works for a harmless fuzzball. Smiles and pictures. Everybody goes home. [Read more...]