Meanwhile, Eric Johnson, one of my critics on the Torture Thing, writes: I posted a short statement on Catholic Light addressing some of your commenters’ argumentative techniques, and your general response to the torture issue: Seriously, I don’t mean this as an attack at all, but step back and look at what you’re saying. [Read More...]

One of my readers, Joe McFaul, is a “a practicing attorney, also a former military attorney who gave advice on the subject of interogating people in the Special Maritime and Teritorial Jurisdiction of the United States” He shares my profound jitters about what the Administration is after in its torture explorations and various other attempts [Read More...]

Chest hair insurance available: excludes loss through terrorism Stories you can’t make up. [Read more...]

“Would I knowingly condemn myself to hell (and yes, I do belive in a real hell) for the sake of my childrens souls? Yes, I would.” To which Mephistopheles smiles and replies, “Excellent! Then let’s begin, shall we? Start by *slowly* sawing your darling little girl’s head off while you listen to her screams.” There [Read More...]

Fr. Bryce Sibley: Hero Do Fr. Sibley a good turn and write his archdiocese to heap praise on him and them for having such a great guy in their ranks. [Read more...]

Maggie Gallagher Chronicles the Discovery that Sin Not Only Makes You Stupid, It Makes You Extinct Over Time Conversely, it turns out that a society that thinks families and babies are a fine thing and wants more of them tends to be a society with (surprise!) happier families and a future. You’d think after a [Read More...]

Canadian Catholic Vies with Opponent to Be Most Ferociously in Favor of Murdering Babies Who does not admire the Fighting Spirit of this dedicated servant of Moloch? [Read more...]

I wonder if some of my readers realize how insane they look to normal people This just in from my comments boxes: You speak about Bush suspending the election as if it were a bad thing. This country would be truly blessed if Bush dissolved the congress and sent the pro-abort justices to Gitmo and [Read More...]

Kerry Orders Up “Religion Outreach Director” from DNC Central Casting I have a friend who went to Earlham 20 years ago and it was a New Age joke then: Mara Vanderslice has been appointed Senator John Kerry’s Director of Religion Outreach. Catholic League president William Donohue finds her a curious choice: “Here’s what we know [Read More...]

AMA bows to superior parenting skills of gay couples More progress on the road to a society that recognizes the unbelievable wonderfulness of everything gay 24/7/365. [Read more...]