Nanotechnology Experts Worry about Things Most of Us Haven’t Even Thought About Yet [Read more...]

USF Jesuits: Hard at work Promoting the Radical Gay Agenda Now that that pesky Fr. Fessio is out of the way, the Stalinists at USF can settle down to the hard work of destroying the Church. [Read more...]

Incoming! Egads! All the mail and weblinks Amy used to get are starting pile up in my box! Glub! [Read more...]

Gasp! And yet… I know what she means. These things are giant energy siphons and I’ve got bible studies, articles, and a book to write as well as a fambly to raise. And bills to pay, which is not much helped by the $.02/day wage the average blogger makes. But more than that, there’s something [Read More...]

We Sheas are off to float down the Skagit River today! Back Monday! [Read more...]

So sad May God have mercy on their souls and grant them eternal rest through Christ. [Read more...]

Precisely Dreher nails Sullivan’s hypocrisy. [Read more...]

A website dedicated to William Topaz McGonagall … Victorian-era Scot and the writer of the worst poetry in the English language. This *is* a find! Savor this: The Tay Bridge Disaster: “…As soon as the catastrophe came to be known The alarm from mouth to mouth was blown, And the cry rang out all o’er [Read More...]

Of Closed Communion and Japanese Restaurants My latest on Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]

Andrew Sullivan Demonstrates “Flexibility” When It Comes to the Pole Star Around Which His Life Turns Turns out there’s no problem at all with a US Court dictating to Catholics on theological matters and suspending the law to do so, just so long as the Court is declaring that gays can do whatever they like. [Read More...]

A great piece by David Morrison [Read more...]

Amy has a terrific contribution to the ongoing discussion here In particular, her cogent analysis of the Dark Side of Wick Allison’s confrontation with Grahmann is well taken. There *is* a note of “We made you and we can break you” which can just as easily be seen as a number of Rich Men seeking [Read More...]