The French are such losers. We are *way* ahead of them in the destruction of the family. [Read more...]

Good News from Iraq Henchman of bad guy captured. [Read more...]

Canada: The Happy Land of Upside Down “You keep using that word “devout”. I don’ think it means what you think it means.” [Read more...]

For All you Ultra-Catholics Doesn’t float my boat, but I s’pose there are people out there who will be thrilled by this. [Read more...]

People Fighting Deeply Evil Stuff [Read more...]

It’s a good thing Muslims Aren’t Doing This or It Would be Deeply Evil [Read more...]

A Muslim Woman Views Christian-Islamic Dialogue. Lejla Demiri Studies Christian Theology in Rome More like her please. [Read more...]

We believe, but not in the Church The technical name for this is “gnosticism”. It lies (in part) in the deep temptation to find the spiritual in someplace other than where God has placed it–which is in human beings. This is, by the way, one of the reason I think God took the great risk [Read More...]

Islam Worse Than Communism Says Sudanese Bishop Great heresies are always the most potent force for evil because they derive so much strength from the truth. PS. The bishop is not a huge fan of the US either. [Read more...]

Guy Who’s Been Catholic a couple Months Decides to Psychoanalyze Pope It could be that the Pope is trying to “curry favour among a shallow intellectual class that holds the Pope and his Church in utter contempt”. Or it could just be that the Pope is trying to do his job and apply the Tradition [Read More...]