Don’t Tell Me. He Wants to Spend Time with His Family [Read more...]

David Alexander Has the Round up For All your “What in Blazes is Going on With Ave Maria College?” Needs [Read more...]

Researchers Have also Discovered Granite Boulders to be Hard, Trout to Live in Water, and Robins to Have a Marked Tendency to Fly You learn something everyday. [Read more...]

Drive for the Separation of Church and Life Continues Los Angeles slated to be re-named “Human Potentialville” sometime in early 2005. Later that year, the following cities will also be disinfected of all contact with anything Christian: Sacramento=Big Macton San Francisco=Gayton San Diego=Mr Diego Santa Monica=Monique San Fernando=Happy Valley Other cities will be required to [Read More...]

This is Classy of Bush [Read more...]

More News from Olympia I slipped away from the guards to check my email Here’s a digital shot my other brother shot out the window of his office in Olympia a few minutes ago: The truth is out there. [Read more...]

Tell that to the roughly 30 people whose bodies lie charred beyond recognition on the edge of sand pit near Grovers Mill, WA Just got a call from my brother in Olympia. A tripod fighting machine smashed his house and waded across Long Lake, incinerating fleeing crowds and releasing a deadly black smoke that killed [Read More...]

James White Does a Good Thing Since I ran the link to Jimmy Akin’s refutation of White down below, I thought I should, in fairness, commend James for winning a small victory against the Forces of Pro-Homosexuality Brownshirtery. After I posted Fournier’s press release re: “Rev.” Barry Lynn’s latest foray into smashing the Church, James [Read More...]

The great thing about the blogosphere You can have Rod Dreher, John Allen, Tim Drake, and the HMS crowd duking it out for the last two days on their blog about the nature of Catholic Journalism. [Read more...]

Saudi Police Torture Indian Catholic for His Faith But it’s okay though, because it was just a Christian. And besides he’s just some Third World Christian. You know how excitable those developing peoples are. He probably was asking for it by doing something unforgivable like wearing a cross–or breathing. The Saudis are our friends. Oh, [Read More...]