Tell that to the roughly 30 people whose bodies lie charred beyond recognition on the edge of sand pit near Grovers Mill, WA Just got a call from my brother in Olympia. A tripod fighting machine smashed his house and waded across Long Lake, incinerating fleeing crowds and releasing a deadly black smoke that killed [Read More...]

James White Does a Good Thing Since I ran the link to Jimmy Akin’s refutation of White down below, I thought I should, in fairness, commend James for winning a small victory against the Forces of Pro-Homosexuality Brownshirtery. After I posted Fournier’s press release re: “Rev.” Barry Lynn’s latest foray into smashing the Church, James [Read More...]

The great thing about the blogosphere You can have Rod Dreher, John Allen, Tim Drake, and the HMS crowd duking it out for the last two days on their blog about the nature of Catholic Journalism. [Read more...]

Saudi Police Torture Indian Catholic for His Faith But it’s okay though, because it was just a Christian. And besides he’s just some Third World Christian. You know how excitable those developing peoples are. He probably was asking for it by doing something unforgivable like wearing a cross–or breathing. The Saudis are our friends. Oh, [Read More...]

Gay Brownshirts on the March! Crushing free speech, trampling civil rights, muzzling opposition, and stamping out your right to say what you think: It’s all in a day’s work for the Homosexual Sturmabteilung. [Read more...]

Have I mentioned we homeschool? [Read more...]

In other news, studies show water to be wet and clear skies to be blue [Read more...]

I don’t think this is what “Crime Reduction” is supposed to mean Your tax dollars at work, California. [Read more...]

There’s gold in them thar DINKs Lenin’s remark about capitalists selling you the rope to hang them with comes to mind. [Read more...]

Apparently there is a large object half buried in a sand pit near Grovers Mill, WA [Read more...]