Weigel Demythologizes Law’s Resignation [Read more...]


Jeremy Lott on the Christian Sturmabteilung and their Righteous Campaign Against Harry Potter, JRR Tolkien and Other Purveyors of Wickedness [Read more...]


Found this on Amy’s Blog It’s another demonstration of Chesterton’s remark that when you neglect the big laws (against, f’rinstance, abuse of children) you don’t get freedom and you don’t even get anarchy. You get the small laws. Look for lots of “zero tolerance” thinking as our culture insanely over-reacts to the sins of clerics. [Read more...]


Jeff Miller’s Blog Does Not Suck! Just clarifying things. [Read more...]


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Bravo to Wick Allison! …for his challenge to Bp. Charles Grahmann, the lousy bishop of Dallas who is beginning to pull into the lead for the coveted Worst Still-Serving American Bishop award. You can’t jerk your flock around forever, Bishop. In Persian, they say, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin”. In Dallas, it’s “Don’t Mess with Texas.” [Read more...]


There are Christians who Define Themselves in Terms of What They Are Not Some Protestants spend virtually no time proclaiming their Faith because they are too busy Not Being Catholic (like the guys at what I affectionately refer to as NotRoman.org. Theoretically, they are about Jesus. Really, they are about attacking Catholics. Likewise, there are [Read More...]


A Problem That May Be Coming Down the Pike Someday for Christians is the insistence by some conservative Jews that the Temple be rebuilt after the razing of the Dome of the Rock. I’ve given this little thought myself, but I suspect it will throw Evangelical supporters into a tailspin while the Catholic Church (as [Read More...]


The “Progression” from Rational to Irrational Atheism In the good old days, atheists were bold, muscular manly men who courageously offered that they were paragons of Reason bringing the light of Truth to a world huddling in fear and ignorance due to the hoodoo and priestcraft of benighted fools. Science and Reason were the new [Read More...]


Scott Hahn’s Salvation History Site has a Blog! Christopher Cuddy is on the air! Salvation History is a great resource for Catholic biblical study, by the way. Check it out! [Read more...]


Shoutin’ Bill Donahue sez… A Voice of the Fuddled member is the driving force behind yet another attempt to destroy the Seal of the Confessional. But of course. Voice of the Fuddled does not have a *clue* what the Faith is. Naturally, its loopier and most embittered members are going to launch attacks on the [Read More...]


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