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A reader writes: If you haven’t seen these yet, I thought you might be amused at the ostrich-like behavior of Archbishop Flynn when dealing with the Rainbow Sash crowd. His excuse for letting them use the mass as a forum for their dissent was that they gave him a letter that [Read More...]

When you get rid of the big laws, you do not get freedom. You do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws. – G.K. Chesterton Case in point: these niggling and absurd discussions in a US court of law. [Read more...]

Adoring Puff Piece on Brave Rebel Nun Reminds Us that Homosexuality is the Greatest Gift to the Human Race in All Recorded History The Archetypally Usual Article in so many different ways. [Read more...]

A reader writes: Before the war in Iraq, you seemed cautiously supportive, and I got the feeling you were of the opinion that the evidence indicated that a war would be just, however terrible it might also be. You’re mostly right. I was a cautious supporter because I believed the Administration when they said they [Read More...]

Nice review of The Miracle Detective on Godspy Conversion happens. [Read more...]

A reader writes: You’re doing yourself and your readers a disservice by questioning the motives of your opponents. All that’s known from these internal memos is that various administration officials evaluated, but did not necessarily act on, all the feasible interrogation techniques at their disposal. We also know, and have known since the earliest days [Read More...]

And for today’s “Why I Homeschool” Horror Story… [Read more...]

Boston Archdiocese Does the Right Thing Wolves slaver at thought of punishing the Church through taxes. [Read more...]

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises childhood [Read more...]