Christianity Today writes back Dear Mark, I’m the key editor on the survey article. Here’s my blogable response to your comments: You seem to be making the assumption that the CT survey was closed to Catholic workplaces. It wasn’t. It was a self-selected survey. As we said in the article, in order to participate in [Read More...]

Karen Marie Knapp is in the hospital Some of you know her blog, the Anchor Hold. She has a skin infection of some sort and the doctors are debating whether or not to do surgery. Please pray and ask those who know her to pray. We’ve seen what God can do in the case of [Read More...]

Those wacky Lithuanians A canned mushroom mogul with an even darker sense of humor than me opens a Soviet theme park called “Stalin World“. I am not making this up. Money quote: “It combines the charms of a Disneyland with the worst of the Soviet gulag prison camp.” Oh, and this is different from the [Read More...]

The easy prejudices of American Evangelicalism I like Evangelicals. I really do. They are some of the kindest, prayingest, most heroic believers in the world. But I also have to note that there is a sort of easy prejudice among Evangelicals that sort of reminds me of the Old South. It’s not an active, nasty [Read More...]

Greg Krehbiel speaks with his typical common sense Scroll down to February 27. One of the things that made me a Catholic was that Protestant arguments against the Church typically boiled down to saying “The Early Church was wrong about everything except the stuff we borrow from them.” That kind of wore thin after a [Read More...]

Lest we forget… Vatican II was a valid council of Holy Church. As such, it’s teachings constitute the voice of the Holy Spirit in our time, and as Carl Olsen cogently argues, we ignore it at our peril. The weird thing is that the AmChurch drive to ignore the Council is met by Reactionary Dissent [Read More...]

Fear and hiding in the Land of Tolerance [Read more...]

Rod has an interesting piece on Muslim eschatology You don’t have to believe it. But you should be aware that millions of people *do* believe in it and that affects how they behave. On the other hand, also be aware that Muslims are just as capable as Christians of “believing” we are living in the [Read More...]

A friend once remarked of Madonna that… “underneath all that voluptuous flesh is the soul of an accountant.” Similarly, underneath the pale, translucent and delicate skin of “morally concerned” Democrats is the soul of an accountant. Pardon me, but financial costs are just not uppermost in my mind. Questions like “Is this the right thing [Read More...]

Billionaire Demands Bush listen to what all those little insignificant people he hasn’t been able to kill by abortion think “Just enough of me, way too many of you” rich guy has temporary spasm of noblesse oblige and then returns to his day job of eliminating all those annoying third worlders and poor people. [Read more...]

She was probably driving to a “No Blood for Oil!” Rally “If we can bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, we’ll know our efforts ain’t been in vain fer nuthin’!” – Lina Lamont, Singin’ in the Rain [Read more...]

Greeley on the Goldhagenization of the Film Critics An Orthodox Jewish friend of mine laments the amazing stupidity some secular Jews demonstrate in blaming the exact wrong people for the Holocaust and burying the ties with those Gentiles who tried to do something to stop it. He loathes the Holocaust Museum (“What’s it doing on [Read More...]