Our Culture: Exporting its Values to the World …and raising a new generation of healthy, ultra-hyper-super-sexualized children! What could be more normal? [Read more...]


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Mot Juste “I see that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – President Ronald Reagan [Read more...]


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A reader (on his way into full communion with the Catholic Church) writes: I was thinking this morning about Christian unity. I’m always a bit baffled that the Rosary is viewed as “a Catholic thing,” while the (hesychastic) Jesus Prayer is seen as “an Eastern Orthodox thing.” I think it would be a great act [Read More...]


Bedwetting, Cosmopolitan, Pacifist, Anti-American Christians Oppose Torture [Read more...]


Good Morning! It’s Day 7 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week Supporting yer emphatically lower middle class scribe as he tries to do his apostolic thang is a good work. So make this pledge drive go out with a real bang! Of course, you can still buy my books and tapes too. [Read More...]


Any takers? Got this in the mail today: You’re probably busy so I’ll make this quick. This is Marc Zappala, former blogger at “Transcendence” which you were kind enough to advertise on your site some time ago. In addition to my blog I had compiled (rather artistically, I might add) the most comprehensive list of [Read More...]


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