Australian Women Keep Abreast of Peace Movement Spokespersons hope to focus on bare facts and decry efforts to make their work the butt of jokes. It’s not so much the proponents of the war who give sensible people second thoughts, it’s the huge number of opponents who are such bleedin’ idiots that make you think, [Read More...]

Peter Nixon (of fame) has a review of Jenkins’ book on Global Christianity in America. [Read more...]

Fr. Bryce Sibley, the Saintly Salmagundi, is back on the air! [Read more...]

Everything in the gay subculture is juuuuuuust fine It never happened! And besides, snoopy homophobic parents *deserve* the legal grief they’re getting from gay advocacy groups. And besides, Charles Colson is the one talking about it, so it’s all biased and you can ignore the man behind the Lavender Curtain. And besides, Shea’s Catholic and [Read More...]

Fascinating interview with an Anglican bishop who was raised in the Jewish tradition I think there’s something in here, either politically or theologically, to offend almost everybody. [Read more...]

Many thanks for your prayers! The fambly get together for the folks’ anniversary was really good and I think it was a very moving occasion for Papa H. Your prayers undoubtedly contributed to that, so thanks! [Read more...]

From those wacky Jesuits, who brought you the rape of mentally disabled patients… A reader sends this along: Saint Louis University — a college in the “Catholic and Jesuit tradition”– has just received the latest issue of “The University News”, the student newspaper. This week’s issue is dedicated to the students’ sex life, complete with [Read More...]

Novak Makes His Case for War [Read more...]

I wonder how many will follow these people when Islam is not enforced with sword On the other hand, it’s necessary to realize that Islam is gaining tons of converts in places where it is not enforced by the sword. Christians should ask themselves why that is and what demand of the heart it is [Read More...]

Sigh. More Monday morning blues A reader sends the following: The editorial board of the University of Notre Dame’s and St. Mary’s College official student newspaper today weighed in favoring the funding of four student’s attendance at a pro-abortion function. A couple of my favorite lines from this editorial are: “Education should be open-minded [Read More...]

Check Out Life for! [Read more...]

A reader sez concerning… this blog entry: As the comment from Alias Clio pointed out, you misread Paglia. Paglia is not a superstitious believer in omens. She was saying that Bush, unlike the ancients, has no sense of how a catastrophe in the skies could have so much consequence outside of America for symbolic interpretation. [Read More...]