The Pope, the President, and America’s Legacy [Read more...]

Ramesh Ponnuru on Bp. Sheridan’s Second Letter That letter seems pretty sensible (unlike the previous one, which was at best too loosely worded), but I wasn’t sure what to make of one remark: “How, in fact, could I deny anyone Holy Communion since I would not know the condition of the communicant’s soul?” If he [Read More...]

Democracy+Islam as State Religion=Trouble So Iraqi Christians, like canaries in coal mines, are desperately trying to flee what they know is coming. I wish I could say I see a way this will end well, but I’m very skeptical it will. [Read more...]

Luke has granulated! Our eldest is officially a high school graduate. To celebrate, he got his hair cut in a mullet. Odd child. Now to begin the “work” phase of his existence… [Read more...]

Okey doke. I’m outta here Remember: Pledge Week is happening now! [Read more...]

I’m not opposed to definitions There are two basic reasons people ask questions. Some ask questions to find things out. Others ask questions to keep from finding things out. When Socrates asked “What is truth?” he did so because he wanted to know. When Pilate asked “What is truth?” he did so because he didn’t [Read More...]

Bishop Sheridan Clarifies Hey Gary, if you are out there, how’s it going in Colorado Springs now? [Read more...]

Blah blah blah Ginger blah blah blah [Read more...]

For Clarity’s Sake: When I asked below if Sullivan knew something I didn’t, I was asking. The rest of what I wrote was directed, not at the Bush Administration (over which I have had a markedly waning influence since my one phone conversation with them a year and a half ago), but at readers (some, [Read More...]

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