Compare and Contrast Extremely Intelligent Lefty John Kerry expounding from his profound knowledge of “the Vatican II”: My oath privately between me and God was defined in the Catholic church by Pius XXIII and Pope Paul VI in the Vatican II, which allows for freedom of conscience for Catholics with respect to these choices, and [Read More...]

Great. Just great. Just found out my poor wife needs a root canal. Ouch. And so much for hoping to get our debts paid off this year. Pretty please. Throw a couple bucks in the tip jar. [Read more...]

My long reply to a Jewish guy’s questions about Christianity He’s in italics. I’m plain vanilla: 1) I know that Jesus said that he had come to fulfill the law and not to change it (or even a letter of it). I also know that he specifically abrogated certain laws, such as kosher laws. These [Read More...]

Good Day! It’s Day 3 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week Recently, you got to hear discussions about the agreements and disagreements between Rod Dreher, Cdl. George and me, watch an atheist and an astrologer brandish their diplomas from the Wilbur Weed Boxtop Diploma Mill of History, Philosophy and Religion, and participate [Read More...]

Congrats to Rich Leonardi and Dale Price! A reader (not Rich, who is too humble to point it out) tells me: St. Blog’s own frequent commenter Rich Leonardi had a fantastic letter in the Wall Street Journal today, ripping Al Hunt a new one over communion and abortion. I wish it were available online for [Read More...]

Ramesh Ponnuru writes me: It might help clear up some of your readers’ confusion on the communion-abortion question if you said something like the following (assuming you agree with it): Voting behavior can indeed be sinful and require a person not to receive communion until penance is made. A voter must search his conscience to [Read More...]

Disputations on Faithful Conservative Catholic[TM] attempts to justify abortion for rape and incest and fetal stem cell research in memory of Ronald Reagan torture Periodically I write about the “Minimum Daily Adult Requirement” approach to the Faith that many on the Left have. You know, “Unless the Church decrees *dogmatically* that women can’t be priests, [Read More...]

In case you missed it… There is an interesting discussion going on in the comments boxes at this blog. It began with some high school sophomore remarks about the Pope’s “neo-medieval” ideas from an enthusiast for astrology. (Apparently he thinks the Pope too progressive since he gets some of his ideas from 13th century thinkers [Read More...]

John Granger, Author of The Hidden Key to Harry Potter, live on Evangelical Radio today Tune in from 2-3 pm today PST, 4-5 CST, 5-6 EST. [Read more...]

Two fun movies Saw “Big Fish” the other night. I have a weakness for Tim Burton’s quirky visual imagination and for “Field of Dreams” type tales of father/son reconciliation (and yes, for all you junior Freud’s out there, this is rooted in autobiography, though not terribly sub-conscious). And I also love picaresque tales. This has [Read More...]