Congrats to Rich Leonardi and Dale Price! A reader (not Rich, who is too humble to point it out) tells me: St. Blog’s own frequent commenter Rich Leonardi had a fantastic letter in the Wall Street Journal today, ripping Al Hunt a new one over communion and abortion. I wish it were available online for [Read More...]

Ramesh Ponnuru writes me: It might help clear up some of your readers’ confusion on the communion-abortion question if you said something like the following (assuming you agree with it): Voting behavior can indeed be sinful and require a person not to receive communion until penance is made. A voter must search his conscience to [Read More...]

Disputations on Faithful Conservative Catholic[TM] attempts to justify abortion for rape and incest and fetal stem cell research in memory of Ronald Reagan torture Periodically I write about the “Minimum Daily Adult Requirement” approach to the Faith that many on the Left have. You know, “Unless the Church decrees *dogmatically* that women can’t be priests, [Read More...]

In case you missed it… There is an interesting discussion going on in the comments boxes at this blog. It began with some high school sophomore remarks about the Pope’s “neo-medieval” ideas from an enthusiast for astrology. (Apparently he thinks the Pope too progressive since he gets some of his ideas from 13th century thinkers [Read More...]

John Granger, Author of The Hidden Key to Harry Potter, live on Evangelical Radio today Tune in from 2-3 pm today PST, 4-5 CST, 5-6 EST. [Read more...]

Two fun movies Saw “Big Fish” the other night. I have a weakness for Tim Burton’s quirky visual imagination and for “Field of Dreams” type tales of father/son reconciliation (and yes, for all you junior Freud’s out there, this is rooted in autobiography, though not terribly sub-conscious). And I also love picaresque tales. This has [Read More...]

Wanted: Reader Advice about Girl Scouts A reader writes: I’d appreciate hearing thoughts from the CAEI readership about their thoughts of belonging to the Girl Scouts these days. I understand that some Girl Scouts councils have relationships with Planned Parenthood. Turns out that a Girl Scouts CEO, Kathy Cloninger, made the following quote on NBC [Read More...]

Rod Dreher’s True Confession No one will be allowed to leave this blog during the shocking final paragraph of this column. [Read more...]

“Look. The important thing is: she’s dead. *That’s* what we should be celebrating, not picking over how she died or why.” My translation of the Euthanasia booster’s typically creepy remarks. [Read more...]

Hooray for Laura Bush I’ve liked her from the start and now she again exhibits quiet class. [Read more...]