One thing that puzzles me about Bush and Blair… How do they manage to be simultaneously “stupid” and the architects of a Master Conspiracy so vast in scope and brilliant in execution that the world has never witnessed its equal? [Read more...]

“Like any 14-year-old, Patrick has varying tastes in television shows. While he likes cartoons and public television, he’s bored with sports… But National Geographic specials fascinate him.” [Read more...]

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Children are Resilient. The Needs of Narcissistic Gay Parents Must *Always* Come First Here’s a story you won’t hear about on the evening news or in the NY Times. [Read more...]

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23 Rationales for War When I run up against 23 rationales for Why the Catholic Church is Totally Wrong About Everything, I smell a predetermined agenda in search of an excuse. When I run up against it in Gulf War II, I’m supposed to say, “There you go! Not just one reason, but *23* reasons!” [Read more...]

Somebody Sent Me This I have no idea where it’s from. Anybody know? And anybody know whether these guys know what they are talking about? A reader is greatly agitated by it. Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005 The Draft will Start in June 2005 There is pending legislation in the House and Senate [Read More...]

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