Wanted: Reader Advice about Girl Scouts A reader writes: I’d appreciate hearing thoughts from the CAEI readership about their thoughts of belonging to the Girl Scouts these days. I understand that some Girl Scouts councils have relationships with Planned Parenthood. Turns out that a Girl Scouts CEO, Kathy Cloninger, made the following quote on NBC [Read More...]


Rod Dreher’s True Confession No one will be allowed to leave this blog during the shocking final paragraph of this column. [Read more...]


“Look. The important thing is: she’s dead. *That’s* what we should be celebrating, not picking over how she died or why.” My translation of the Euthanasia booster’s typically creepy remarks. [Read more...]


Hooray for Laura Bush I’ve liked her from the start and now she again exhibits quiet class. [Read more...]


Sobran Argues as Well as Anybody Why Kerry Should be Denied Communion I agree with him. What?! But I thought you were critical of Bp. Sheridan for denying politician’s communion? No. I was critical of Bp. Sheridan for telling *voters* that if they voted for anybody stood for or promoted gay sex or assaults on [Read More...]


Notice Me! Notice ME! NOTICE ME! NOTICE MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! [Read more...]


A reader catches Cdl. George’s point: He asks me what I think. In answer, I will boldface, the central insight which agrees with Cdl. George’s point and simply say “Bullseye”. You’d mentioned that it seemed to you that each side in the culture wars had its own peculiar sins. I’ve been thinking about that some, [Read More...]


Cultural Revolutionaries and Purgers Find the Masses *Like* America’s Christian Roots …even the members of “Jews for the Seal”. I picture the head of the California ACLU with a bullhorn on the steps of city hall, screaming at the people he is saving from the city’s Christian heritage, that he is doing this for his [Read More...]


Fort Lewis Chaplain Critically Hurt In Iraq Brain injury. God bless him and help him on the long road ahead. [Read more...]


Canadian Episcopal Spine Alert! [Read more...]