Congratulations, Pavel! Ahem! Catholic Press Association awards Best Photo story Honorable Mention: National Catholic Register, North Haven, CT, “In Washington, Pope Gathers Witnesses to Christ’s Suffering”, Pavel Chichikov To see more of Pavel’s beautiful work, go here. I sit here jawing while Pavel enriches the world through his generous work. [Read more...]

Holy Moly! My Faith is in Ruins! Everybody read this! The Catholic Faith has been *conclusively* debunked!!! Everything you know is wrong. One guy with a website has completely overturned the Faith of millions!!!!!! Well… not really. But I thought I’d give Samuel Gipp a thrill since he went to the trouble of using my [Read More...]

To a large degree, the Faith has always been a regional matter [Read more...]

From our “Sin Makes you Stupid” files One of my closest friends is an academic. They understand the term “Google”. They’re not stupid. That’s how they got Ph.Ds. [Read more...]

Oddly, I’ve felt no impulse to beat Andy of World Wide Rant to death with a hammer for his numerous sneers at my faith Some people think Islam is strong. I think Islam is brittle. [Read more...]

The Passion of the Christ Fails to Miraculously Cure Hollywood of Contempt for Christians [Read more...]

Say it with me: Bishop aren’t pressuring voters. Bishops are governing their Churches. Bishops can’t tell you how to vote. Bishops can’t peek in your bedroom window. Bishops have no access to your bank account. Bishops don’t know who you are seeing, whether you support abortion, or who you voted for. Bishop (or at any [Read More...]

Godzilla to wreck Sydney, NY, Paris, Shanghai, Japan in finale [Read more...]

Sorry, but these guys were wrong It is not for laypeople to enact vigilante actions during Mass. If active and impenitent sinners wish to eat and drink damnation and the priest and bishop opt to let them, then it is not the task of a few self-appointed vigilantes to play Bishop For a Day. [Read more...]

More Answers to Buchanan’s Question about What We have to Offer the World [Read more...]