Clergyman Commits All-Out Assault on Wall of Separation between Church and State But it’s okay because he’s black and he’s attacking George Bush. [Read more...]

Fulton Sheen on What Catholics (Should) Know About Reaching Muslims We Catholics have a weapon in the war on terror that is a million miles away from the thoughts of geopolitical strategists Mary and the Muslims By Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Muslimism is the only great post-Christian religion of the world. Because it had its [Read More...]

Satan Dons His Judicial Robes Again [Read more...]

Comments Box Experts Declare Evangelization of Islamosphere Impossible They know. They’ve been sitting at their keyboards reading a lot of other comment box experts on Islam. Nonetheless, one of my my readers, who actually has some first hand knowledge of the situation on the ground in the Middle East suggests that the knowledge of comments [Read More...]

The Invaluable Tom of Disputation Refutes Error and Propounds Thomas’ Common Sense Where else but at CAEI can you jump from the latest StrongBad email to a Thomistic discussion of good and evil? [Read more...]

Just Think of it as a Bold Artistic Statement by God Schadenfreude? Me? [Read more...]

Tom Clancy: Leftist America-Hater As I’ve been told by my readers, when I say, in essence, “Good men make mistakes” what I really mean is “Bush lied.” So Clancy must mean the same thing. [Read more...]

More Happy News Al-Quaeda may not be growing after all. I certainly hope so. [Read more...]

Raw Atheist Agitprop a Step Closer to Being Spoon Fed to Your Children And still, Christians obsess over Harry Potter. [Read more...]

Fundies Seek to Create Warsaw Ghetto for Themselves Great idea. As our Lord said, “Don’t go into all the world, preaching the good news to every creature. Those people out there are bad. Instead, concentrate yourselves into small locations with like-minded people, so that when the dominant culture decides it wants to exterminate you, you’ll [Read More...]