More Proud Moments for the American Catholic Church And Caesar very sensibly wants to tighten up the law to keep it from ever happening again. You go, Julius! Feel free to throw as many criminals in the slammer as need to go, including bishops, if they’ve broken the law. Never again! [Read more...]

Boy Does This Guy Sound Threatened! Meanwhile, a reader (a big fan of Cornerstone and “completed Evangelical” who is now happily Catholic yet still, like me, fond of Evangelicals) writes them: Greetings and blessings, brothers and sisters. I just stumbled onto Jon Trott’s review of Open Embrace on your website, and I had to respond. [Read More...]

Who you gonna call? A reader asks: My son is a freshman at an alleged Catholic high school and is taking “The Bible” for his religious ed credit. Tonight he brought home some atrocious material (no author indicated . . . but I figured it out later) saying, essentially, that most of the New Testament [Read More...]

Jeremy Lott on Bush and Just War Lott on the concept of Just War Theory: “I think it at least one of the greatest hypocrisies ever invented” My response: ?! [Read more...]

Abortion: Improving the Lot of Women Worldwide! [Read more...]

Amy Welborn on “My Husband, the Priest” [Read more...]

The ever-helpful Greg Krehbiel on Why Islam is so Appealing [Read more...]

“The reason God created us was to earn heaven” Er, well, not exactly, Mr. Monaghan. But your heart’s in the right place with the college thing. However, forget the football idea. Make a good Catholic college. Don’t try to do an alternative history in which Notre Dame remains Catholic. Speaking of which, note the odious [Read More...]

By the way, we’re at Code Orange which is Your Government’s way of saying “Feel more afraid and helpless.” [Read more...]

The Adventures of Handshake Man “If America does not repent, there will be 50,000 casualties and a six-month war” with Iraq. If he’s wrong, do we stone him to death for being a false prophet? [Read more...]

Unleash the power of the blog! Kevin Miller urges y’all to write your Senatoids and have them confirm Estrada. [Read more...]

Australian Women Keep Abreast of Peace Movement Spokespersons hope to focus on bare facts and decry efforts to make their work the butt of jokes. It’s not so much the proponents of the war who give sensible people second thoughts, it’s the huge number of opponents who are such bleedin’ idiots that make you think, [Read More...]