Men in Clean White Lab Coats With a Sterling Dedication to the Selfless Pursuit of Scientific Truth… …are actually quite rare. Most Big Science tends to be thoroughly leavened with ego and obsession with power. Science, you see, is done by humans and humans are fallen, even when you stick them in a lab coat. [Read more...]

What are they putting in the bishops’ water these days? There seems to be an unprecedented number of vertebrae growing all of a sudden. Nice to see. [Read more...]

Bronson Havard Just Continues to Impress His Readers Not as slippery as the Chancery Rat from LA, but still quite slick. [Read more...]

It turns out not all Palestinians are Islamists Some (a dwindling number) are Christians who are acceptable collateral damage. [Read more...]

My URL For some reason, Blogger is wigging out if you try to log on to my site at Instead, you have to log on at Why? Who knows? Pass it on. (Of course, if you are reading this, you’ve already logged on at the correct URL. It’s sort of like dictionaries. You [Read More...]

The President’s Speech Didn’t see it or hear it due to crushing workload. A very cursory scan of the blogosphere reveals mild happiness over at NRO and a “B+” from Sullivan. So I’m wondering how Peoria and Wenatchee and Dubuque and the great mushy middle that is not committed body and soul to the War [Read More...]

Much discussion here and following on St. Thomas’ notions concerning happiness The commenters are remarking on this thread. I never cease to be amazed at the swiftness with which folk on the Internet can glance at something St. Thomas has said, declare it gibberish or “ledgerdemain” and feel confident that they have exploded the Schoolman’s [Read More...]

Now the Wedding Party Story is in the He said, She Said Phase I dunno what’s going on. One reader tells me I need more TV in my life. Oooookay. [Read more...]

A reader writes: I wrote this letter to my family after they insisted I read The DaVinci Code. The book changed my life totally, as you can see. Dear Family, I have now finally read The DaVinci Code, and I gave it to Mike, and he read it, too. We both liked it a lot, [Read More...]

Did he really do this? I’m afraid so. [Read more...]