Senator Dick Durbin’s Latest Press Release on Democrat Catholic Fidelity If a custom-tailored vet Asks me out for something wet When the vet Begins to pet I cry “Hooray!” But I’m always true to you, darling, in my fashion Yes I’m always true to you, darling, in my way I’ve been asked to have a [Read More...]

Trouble on the Ave Maria College Front I’m still not following this carefully. If you are, feel free to chime in with actual hard news (try to keep opinion to a minimum unless you can document a basis for it). [Read more...]

A word to people inclined to say ill-informed things about the Faith within earshot of Jimmy Akin: Don’t. [Read more...]

Kudos and accolades to this courageous man! I hope he finds support and fellowship with other courageous souls like David Morrison. If you think of it, pray for this brave brother in Christ. [Read more...]

Someday this will all make a great historical novel I’m beginning to think “Intelligence Community” is a real misnomer. I wonder what Bush is thinking about the Braintrust that anointed Chalabi a Golden Boy? [Read more...]

Okay. I’m outta here. Read that speech by Cdl. George below! [Read more...]

When Anti-Christ Comes, We Will All Line up to Get His Autograph And everybody will be worrying that we aren’t cool enough to earn his approval or measure up to his fashion tips in the Style section. Jesus had our number when he called us “sheep.” Why, I just wouldn’t feel safe unless an omniscient [Read More...]

Proposed Cover Art I’ve decided to cash in on the whole pagan spirituality thing, yet try to double my earnings by also appealing to the Latest Evangelical Craze at the same time. It’s tricky, but I think I’ve found the formula: a book on Mycenaean spiritual wisdom called “The Porpoise-Driven Life”. I smell paydirt. Now [Read More...]

England: America’s Ally in the Exportation and Enshrinement of Sins that Cry to Heaven for Vengeance [Read more...]

Signs of Hope in the Church Had Fr. Michael Sweeney, one of my Favorite Priests on the Face of the Earth, over to dinner last night. He was my pastor for several years at Blessed Sacrament, helped to found the St. Catherine of Siena Institute, and is about to depart for his his new assignment [Read More...]