Japanese Working on Invisibility Cloak This is cool, but I’m disappointed that it doesn’t make you go mad. Where’s the fun in that? [Read more...]


This is fabulous. Funniest thing I’ve read in weeks I wish I knew who wrote it. Note to the faint of heart: contains lots of asterisked profanity. The Episcopal bishops of Massachusetts, in a rare public challenge to the Catholic Church, are warning that a steady stream of comments by Vatican officials critical of gays [Read More...]


With Law out of the way and Lennon in place, we’ve heard the last of troubles in Boston! Oh. Wait. ”. . . Opening such an investigation runs the real risk of negative fall-out both for Father Picardi and for the Church,” Lennon wrote. As a friend says, the American Church needs an enema. [Read more...]


Haloscan is down So comments are offline for the nonce. It’s all probably part of a coordinated plan for attacking Iraq. [Read more...]


The Nature of the Network News Very often Big Stories happen in a brief amount of time and can be summed up in relatively few words: “President Kennedy Assassinated”, “Challenger Explodes”, “World Trade Center Destroyed”. But then you still have the other 23:59:30 of broadcast time to fill up. So you have to endlessly repeat [Read More...]


Here’s a site for the Stuart Smalleys of the world Get ready for Affirmapalooza! http://www.mark.shea.youaremyfriend.com The link I used has my name in it as an example, but try inserting your own name, or “Farqhuar Muckenfussen” or “Fishface Brujbop” or that Special Someone with *serious* needs for gooey affirmation. Warning: could induce diabetic coma. [Read more...]


Should the Troll be Fed or Axed? You decide I actually passed the 2000 hit per day mark today without a link from the Corner. Partly that’s because desperate Welborn refugees have turned to my blog for succor in a time of horrific trauma. But it’s also because I’ve gotten a troll lodged in my [Read More...]


Myth, Mystery and the Cosmos Kevin Miller on the Vatican’s New Age document. If you want to get my thorough take on the Church’s relationship to paganism, see Chapter 4 of Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did. Or, better still, go read Chesterton’s great work The Everlasting Man. [Read more...]


Unborn women do not have equal right to life Another achievement for Abortion-Is-a-Sacrament Feminism. Lots more males than females are born. Gee, I bet societies crammed with males who have *no* hope of ever marrying will produce lots of well-balanced, testosterone-marinated young turks who are eager to find some sort of… outlet. Yep. A real [Read More...]


Hitchens Turns Up Everywhere The last Lefty I can respect on Bush, Clinton, war and half a dozen other things. Fascinating to watch him simply dissolve into a mass of pre-rational prejudices when ever God comes within hailing distance. I hold out hope for the guy’s soul since it’s just a matter of time before [Read More...]


Damning with faint praise Minute Particulars on the Raving Atheist site: “RA occasionally swerves into interesting and even coherent thoughts.” I hear you, Mark. [Read more...]


A quick note to arguers in my comments box Per Thomas Aquinas: No point of revelation can be proven by reason alone. If it could be, revelation would be unnecessary. All arguments against a revealed truth can be rebutted. So far, Jon’s arguments against the resurrection boil down to “Miracles are impossible because they’re really [Read More...]