The ever-helpful James Akin tells me… Pigs do say “oink” in Italian. They also say “gronf”. The proof is here and here (second link requires Adobe Reader). [Read more...]

And now… Back to my slumber. Coronation wears a guy out. I’ve got a bit of a bug today and am still on vacation, so I think I’ll goof off some more. Judging from the reader stats, “goof off” seem to be the consensus among us all. I’ll blog in earnest after the New Year. [Read more...]

A reader writes Hey, I just happened to visit the Student Health Center website at John Carroll University, and I see that they have *removed* the listing of Planned Parenthood as a recommended “Counseling Site”. Instead, the JCU website now recommends WomanKind, which is a Pro-Life counseling and assistance center (approved and funded by the [Read More...]

When People Stop Believing in God, They Don’t Believe in Nothing… they believe in anything. [Read more...]

Like a dotcom startup Voice of the Fuddled is urgently marketing itself, yet still not particularly clear on who they are or what they are trying to do. It’s an organization ripe for “mission creep.” Full of well-intentioned, vague people, driven by a strong engine of Purpose (REFORM!) but with nobody in particular at the [Read More...]

Heavy Duty Research from the Canadian Medical Association can be found here, here, and here. Undoubtedly, this is all due to socialized medicine. [Read more...]

Mark Cameron has an interesting piece on Catholic-Jewish relations with some interesting observations for that small group of Lidless Eyes still pining for the day when Jews can be shoved back into a ghetto (all with the love of Christ, of course). By the way, did you ever notice how often Christians who love to [Read More...]

Knowing Steve Greydanus and His Wife…. I found the anecdote introducing his review of “Catch Me If you Can” a complete surprise and absolutely hilarious. [Read more...]

Almost Like Being in Love Part of your blog author’s continuing quest to do as little as possible during the Christmas season. [Read more...]

New Blog! [Read more...]

“The cellphones aren’t enough and the televisions aren’t enough,” she said. “It’s a little selfish.” What’s Italian for “oink”? [Read more...]

Philip Seymour Hoffman is my Evil Twin [Read more...]