From the “Hell Yes, I’m Ambivalent About This War” Dept. Got this from a friend: MORE TROOPS ARRIVE IN GULF by Our Defense Correspondent Col. Lateral-Damage THE PROSPECT of war in the Middle East became more likely yesterday with the arrival of a detachment of cavalry who are planning to set up base in the [Read More...]

Appropriately Named Columnist Responds to Catholics who Thought Bishop Should Actually Teach and Live Catholic Faith Lotsa people wrote to tell Pete Goering his last column was idiotic. Some of you guys are named and quoted in his response, so you might want to check it out. The Senator in the last paragraph has apparently [Read More...]

From the “I’ve Heard That Song Before” Dept. Show me a culture with contempt for virginity and I’ll show you a culture with contempt for children. [Read more...]

A reader writes Read this story and had a thought: why do all leftist groups sound like the People’s Front of Judea? Every time I read a press release from a leftist organization, I am reminded of the best scenes in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, the one’s that show the PFJ conducting their daily [Read More...]

I’m afraid you don’t understand my objection, Andy Again, the “scratch an atheist, find a fundamentalist” syndrome is at work. I don’t think sex is dirty. I think sex is sacred. Interestingly (and rather typically for postmodernity), both he and Jo speak of sex as a medium of power and self-assertion, rather than as a [Read More...]

Scratch an atheist, find a fundamentalist Instapundit links this little grenade with approval. Well! So that little misunderstanding is cleared up! Raelians are absolutely no different than Christians. Mencken was right. Faith is the irrational belief in the impossible. Next. Of course, there *is* the nagging fact that most Christians don’t believe in six day [Read More...]

Workload increasing and blogging decreasing. Just so’s you’ll know. [Read more...]

Anybody ever read Carl Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories? Wonderfully off-kilter stuff. Not quite a poem and not quite a children’s story. Nothing else like ‘em. [Read more...]

“Cut” An interesting short story on the misery unleashed on the world by the notion that we are free to do whatever we like rather than free to pursue the good. “In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes.” – Judges 21-25 [Read more...]

Reason #1231098381 That Communism is Doomed [Read more...]

David Mills on why Libertarianism So Often Makes People Moral Idiots Scroll down to “Sex in Middle America”. I was thinking the same thing the other day when some talk radio guy was urging that we have unrestricted gambling here in Seattle since we already have lotteries, etc. In short, we’re already preying on stupid [Read More...]

Another Contender in the Hotly Contested “Worst Still-Serving Bishop” Throws His Hat into the Ring And the nominee is…. Bp. Robert Banks of Green Bay, Wisconsin (and Law’s No. 2 guy in the last half of the 80s), for this fabulous quote: Asked why he did not alert parishioners who might have put children in [Read More...]