So sad May God have mercy on their souls and grant them eternal rest through Christ. [Read more...]

Precisely Dreher nails Sullivan’s hypocrisy. [Read more...]

A website dedicated to William Topaz McGonagall … Victorian-era Scot and the writer of the worst poetry in the English language. This *is* a find! Savor this: The Tay Bridge Disaster: “…As soon as the catastrophe came to be known The alarm from mouth to mouth was blown, And the cry rang out all o’er [Read More...]

Of Closed Communion and Japanese Restaurants My latest on Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]

Andrew Sullivan Demonstrates “Flexibility” When It Comes to the Pole Star Around Which His Life Turns Turns out there’s no problem at all with a US Court dictating to Catholics on theological matters and suspending the law to do so, just so long as the Court is declaring that gays can do whatever they like. [Read More...]

A great piece by David Morrison [Read more...]

Amy has a terrific contribution to the ongoing discussion here In particular, her cogent analysis of the Dark Side of Wick Allison’s confrontation with Grahmann is well taken. There *is* a note of “We made you and we can break you” which can just as easily be seen as a number of Rich Men seeking [Read More...]

Fr. Rob Johansen’s Hat is “ThrownBack” in to St. Blog’s Ring After four months off the air, he’s back. Now all we need is Fr. Bryce Sibley’s Saintly Salmagundi to return to the air and St. Blog’s will have its clerical staff back. [Read more...]

Caesar tries to tell the Church who can receive communion Oh sure, they’re guilty as charged. But the judge needed be the Voice of the Faithful so the law was dispensed with in order for Caesar to meddle in matters of theology. I wonder if the ACLU will protest? [Read more...]

Shrill Harridans Sport New Novelty Act Lickspittle puff piece on the latest bit of freakishness from deep space feminism. [Read more...]

Yes, there is something so exquisitely suburban and self-satisfied about it, isn’t there? A reader writes below: I’m trying to convince my wife to let me go to the St. Joan of Arc’s “Aloha and Peace” thing in Hawaii. I’m not a Catholic, mind you, and I’m pro-Iraq war, and I’m not a raving liberal [Read More...]

Defending vs. Explaining I keep getting the sensation that when I *explain* what I think the Pope is up to in his actions toward our bishops, people think I am necessarily *defending* his prudential judgments. “But Mark! What about this and that and the other thing?” Please understand. You can plead with me all you [Read More...]