“The Cardinal believes, however, that making a case of this invitation at this time would be a futile gesture and a waste of effort.” Another spinectomy perfomed on an American bishop. How long, O Lord? [Read more...]


By the way, I think Camille Paglia and JPII are on the same wavelength “There may be an apparent immediate victory in Iraq, but we’ll be winning the battle and losing the war. The real war is for the hearts and minds of the Islamic world.” Camille Paglia in today’s Salon interview. But that’s not [Read More...]


Another example of the talent post-Christian modernity has for drawing the exact wrong lesson from experience Problem: Brutal Islamofascist regimes mercilessly slaughtering gays? Solution: Form International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and issue statement condemning War on Radical Islamic Terror. [Read more...]


Over on HMS Blog I linked to a story about those zany Russian Orthodox. Some of them want to canonize Rasputin and Ivan the Terrible. And you thought Catholic reactionaries were weird! [Read more...]


One of the advantages of not writing for the Corner… …is that I can post the following from a reader without K Lo nixing it due to Trekkiness: I’m normally a big Star Trek fan, but yesterday’s episode of Enterprise was one of those “morality” plays which is supposed to convince us that homosexuality is [Read More...]


Paglia suggests consulting goat entrails about War with Iraq? The Brilliant Madwoman develops pagan jitters over war with Iraq. [M]any times in antiquity, the emperors of Persia or other proud empires went to the oracles to ask for advice about going to war. Roman generals summoned soothsayers to read the entrails before a battle. If [Read More...]


And you thought you knew me “In my dealings with Mr. Shea, I don’t think there is a liberal teaching to which he doesn’t give at least some credence…. Deep down, Mr. Shea, like Fr. Neuhaus who he supports, is a liberal who hides himself under the “conservative” label whenever it is convenient. In reality, [Read More...]


A reader asks Would smaller dioceses help our Church? While the main problem in the clerical sex scandal is moral, there is no doubt that some institutional change will aid in changing the moral environment. This is just a common sense procedure that we would do in any other situation: if there is temptation around, [Read More...]


All of human history is condensed into two questions “What could it hurt?” followed sometime later by… “How was I supposed to know?” [Read more...]


Schismatic Rochester Church to Ordain Another Woman News From the Front Line of the Last Gasp of AmChurch. [Read more...]


When the gospel got to Greece… ….it became a philosophy. When it reached Rome, it became an Empire. When it reached Europe, it became a civilization. And when it got to America, it became a business. The peculiar mix of sincere piety, genuine holiness, and pure commercial low grade schlock that is American Evangelicalism. [Read more...]


From the “You Might Want to Reword That” Dept. A reader extols the necessity of larding your spiritual diet with the minimum daily adult requirements of heterodoxy and scorn for the Tradition by saying: “And if you’re not in touch with the Left, well, you might as well go ahead and cut off a hand.” [Read More...]