As we all know, the Constitution Guarantees that Nobody who Has Ever Worked in a Christian Ministry has a Right to Open their Mouth about Any Subject Whatsoever in a School Setting The Left’s noble struggle for the separation of Christianity and Life continues. [Read more...]

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US to Islamic Mushy Middle We are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The enormous wealth and popularity of this woman is not a reflection of our culture at all. Trust us. That, in essence, is the bill of goods we are trying to sell to pious Muslims. I am skeptical it will fly, [Read More...]

Front Page Continues Publishing Public and Unrepentant Advocate of Nuclear Annihilation of Tehran, Tripoli, Mecca, Medina, and Damascus What does it matter so long as he furthers the agenda? I wonder if they’d publish David Duke so long as he sounded the right ideological notes? [Read more...]

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I gotta get outta here I’ve got work to do and I’m meeting my boss, Tom Allen, for lunch in a while. (We had dinner–he, his wife Sue, and I–last night here in Seattle. It was a jolly time at the faboo Metropolitan Grill, where we munched on Porterhouse steak and toasted each other on [Read More...]

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