Yes, there is something so exquisitely suburban and self-satisfied about it, isn’t there? A reader writes below: I’m trying to convince my wife to let me go to the St. Joan of Arc’s “Aloha and Peace” thing in Hawaii. I’m not a Catholic, mind you, and I’m pro-Iraq war, and I’m not a raving liberal [Read More...]

Defending vs. Explaining I keep getting the sensation that when I *explain* what I think the Pope is up to in his actions toward our bishops, people think I am necessarily *defending* his prudential judgments. “But Mark! What about this and that and the other thing?” Please understand. You can plead with me all you [Read More...]

A reader writes: I don’t know how much of the conversation you were following in the comment box that followed your praise of Bush’s call for an end to partial-birth abortion. I was one of the three commentors, and was inexplicably attacked by both the atheist and the pro-life advocate in trying to articulate why [Read More...]

Rod asks a good question down below and I think I’d like to blog my response …since I think I’m safe in saying that my take on what the Pope is up to compelling our hapless bench of bishop to stay is definitely a minority–and unpopular–opinion with many of my readers. Rod asks: I do [Read More...]

Interesting Catholic-allusive short story at Literary Potpourri [Read more...]

A reasonable complaint Disputations takes issue both with this blog and with Wick Allison for pointing out that Bp. Grahmann and other bishops such as Bp. McCormack are, in my opinion, lousy bishops who have badly betrayed their flock and who give little evidence that they see very far beyond how much this inconveniences them. [Read More...]

Knowing who they are killing makes a lot fewer doctors able to bear the thought of killing him or her No wonder Planned Parenthood wants the public to be mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed b*******. Hence the opposition to “Right to Know” initiatives. May God solemnly damn Planned Parenthood. [Read more...]

Former Screenwriter for M*A*S*H finds she’s a warmonger I was noting last week how creaky, antique, and self-righteously 70s M*A*S*H sounds these days. Apparently, even some of the people who helped make it are thinking this. [Read more...]

Myth No. 9337234 Large corporations are all run by rich conservatives who affirm the religious status quo. In reality, the rich are frequently as Jesus has described them: people who have chosen Mammon over God. Only the Christian Church can offer any rational objection to a complete confidence in the rich. For she has maintained [Read More...]

More Mysteries of the Atheistic Worldview Down below, one of my atheist readers makes two blithe statements which baffle me. At one point he declares that such and so would be wrong because “conscience and reason” tell him so. He also declares he has a “right to life”. Question: Conscience and reason are, on the [Read More...]

Everything the US Does is Wrong Sort of just makes you want to scream, “Fine! Starve!” [Read more...]

Sursum Corda has more on Evangelical/Catholic cultural differences and such [Read more...]