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Say it with me: Bishop aren’t pressuring voters. Bishops are governing their Churches. Bishops can’t tell you how to vote. Bishops can’t peek in your bedroom window. Bishops have no access to your bank account. Bishops don’t know who you are seeing, whether you support abortion, or who you voted for. Bishop (or at any [Read More...]


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Sorry, but these guys were wrong It is not for laypeople to enact vigilante actions during Mass. If active and impenitent sinners wish to eat and drink damnation and the priest and bishop opt to let them, then it is not the task of a few self-appointed vigilantes to play Bishop For a Day. [Read more...]


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John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark and Trekker And while he prides himself on his intellectual heft as a canon lawyer, he is a devoted fan of “Star Trek” and spends his spare time working on a science fiction novel, “Space Hawk.” The book, which he is writing with his boyhood friend Gary K. Wolf [Read More...]