Law Goes to Rome Much anger over at Amy’s blog. As is more or less my custom, I don’t seem to be having the same emotional reactions as most of the correspondents–probably due to my ignorance of Church politics or something. I wanted Law gone and was glad when he went. I also wanted to [Read More...]

Interesting piece on Marian Shrines in China [Read more...]

Another prayer request Please pray for a young woman in State College, PA, who is with child (2 weeks pregnant) – she is being strongly pressured by her current boyfriend and pro-choice roommate to get an abortion. Providentially, she also has friends who are pro-life. Today, she is going to an abortion clinic for her [Read More...]

Canada: Our Soft Totalitarian Neighbor to the North! A reader writes: Make a good looking “gay teenager” the poster child for ” I want to bring my 23 year old date to a Catholic high school prom that I happened to meet in an online chat room.” Have the lib-left media take up your cause. [Read More...]

NY Times Peers Deep Into Its Soul and Discerns the Dim Traces of Bias There Purely an anomaly. Think nothing of it. Highly unusual. Trust them. [Read more...]

John Kerry Worships at the Altar of Gay Fabulousness Recognizes gay sex as the source and summit of all that is great and good in the human race since the beginning of recorded history. In related news, Cdl. Mahony bound Los Angeles parishioners to vote for Kerry or face eternal damnation. Just kidding. [Read more...]

Scenes from a Sexually Hyper-Sensitized Culture [Read more...]

Ugslay Ugbay Ueblay! [Read more...]

Brain Death No Hindrance to a Career in Public School Administration Cheer at your kid’s graduation, get kicked out of graduation festivities. [Read more...]

Pro-life obstetrician runs for Senate and, in contrast to Arlen Specter, gets little help from the Stupid Party The Stupid Party continues to eat its young. [Read more...]