One way to become immortal (requires Real Audio to listen) This is hilarious. [Read more...]

Kathleen Norris breaks free of Mariophobic Response Syndrome… and welcomes Mary back into a healthy Christian devotional life. Good for her! I’m pleased to see it! Mazeltov! By the way, check out her Cloister Walk (not a perfect book or a perfect theologian, but she’s feeling her way toward the Church. I hope she makes [Read More...]

It speaks volumes about the tepidity of the Muslim response to Radical Islam that… this is newsworthy. It’s so unusual for Muslims to condemn bigots and radicals in their midst that when they do, it makes the papers. [Read more...]

Brutal Bronze Age Thugs Can’t Deal with the Brittleness of their Backward Violent Religion CAIR is too busy protesting cartoons to address the violence of Muslim co-religionists toward Christians. [Read more...]

And the Award for the Most Tone Deaf Review of The Two Towers Goes to Paul Levinson It’s a favorable review, which is something. But it’s favorable in so many cringe-making ways. It’s like a lover who tells his beloved that he thinks her wide hips will make her a suitable breeding vessel to ensure [Read More...]

Why the Church is Not Doomed Will captures exactly the experience of a convert. Amid so many wonders, the wonder of human sin and evil is not enough by a long shot to keep anybody who has seen the Church from entering Her. It’s been a rough year for the Church, but at the end [Read More...]

A reader writes… I came to your website with no small amount of fear and trepidation, but I must admit, I enjoyed some of your articles. Very well written & thought provoking. (Ref., especially, to Apollos, Priscilla, Aquila and the Glory of Epocrisy) We seemed to have a parallel but opposing path of faith: I [Read More...]

AmChurch Inspirational Homilies A friend of mine was at Sunday Mass at the Cathedral in Seattle. The deacon who gave the homily said something to the effect of, “Well, you were here last Sunday, then back for Christmas. Now you’re here again today and you’ll be back for New Year’s. Why do we keep dragging [Read More...]

Japanese learning to say “oink” [Read more...]

If the Lord of the Rings had been written by…. [Read more...]

The ever-helpful James Akin tells me… Pigs do say “oink” in Italian. They also say “gronf”. The proof is here and here (second link requires Adobe Reader). [Read more...]

And now… Back to my slumber. Coronation wears a guy out. I’ve got a bit of a bug today and am still on vacation, so I think I’ll goof off some more. Judging from the reader stats, “goof off” seem to be the consensus among us all. I’ll blog in earnest after the New Year. [Read more...]