Another Big Lie Bites the Dust [Read more...]

Victorians in Power Suits Stunned to Discover Women are Capable of Evil Apparently they’ve never heard of Ilse Koch, who made lampshades of human skin. [Read more...]

People Desperately Need the Sacrament of Confession [Read more...]

Brain Death Not an Obstacle to a Lucrative Career in the Fast-Paced World of Public School Administration Reason #3904585793534983455 to home school. [Read more...]

Pro-Abortion Brownshirts on the March! A reader writes: See below regarding what essentially was the destruction of The Gabriel Project’s (GP) offices this past Sunday night/Monday morning. The GP Director is an old Navy friend, Paul Mulligan, who resigned his Navy commission in order to become a full-time pro-life worker. As you’ll read below, “The [Read More...]

Outta here till Tuesday Gotta work, then a concert (my son is singing “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” with a jazz quartet). Then tomorrow we head out for our traditional “Sheas and Co. on Lopez Island” Memorial Day Weekend extravaganza! Do us a favor and pray for decent weather. Mazeltov! [Read more...]

Low Humor I like to laugh at Al Gore’s expense. I title this picture “Former Veep Coughs up Hairball” Feel free to provide your own title. [Read more...]

Law Goes to Rome Much anger over at Amy’s blog. As is more or less my custom, I don’t seem to be having the same emotional reactions as most of the correspondents–probably due to my ignorance of Church politics or something. I wanted Law gone and was glad when he went. I also wanted to [Read More...]

Interesting piece on Marian Shrines in China [Read more...]

Another prayer request Please pray for a young woman in State College, PA, who is with child (2 weeks pregnant) – she is being strongly pressured by her current boyfriend and pro-choice roommate to get an abortion. Providentially, she also has friends who are pro-life. Today, she is going to an abortion clinic for her [Read More...]