Can anybody blame them? People can only take so much. [Read more...]

It’s like having the planets align–a once in a lifetime occurrence! Andrew Sullivan, Jesse Jackson, Amy Welborn, David Frum, Al Sharpton and I all agree about one thing: Trent Lott is an idiot. I will not grieve to see him go. Maybe they can make him Cardinal Archbishop of Boston! [Read more...]

Blog Power gets Results A reader writes: I don’t know if any of your readers let you know about a response to your request (via reader) to send emails concerning the planned parenthood stuff on USF’s site. I received this back in reply to the email I sent. It is kind of mushy in wording, [Read More...]

A reader writes I was surfing, when I read this account of a Czech priest , George Kucera, who left the priesthood for greener pastures of Fundamentalism. I suppose there is a number of ways to read it. One, is with anger, because it is full of false and fatuous statements like: I liked to [Read More...]

The Lidless Eye Turns its Pitiless Gaze This Way Springing to the defense of such worthy causes as geocentrism, the defeat of Einstein, and, of course, the boosting of those who promote important ideas like Holocaust denial and a non-rotational earth, the Daily Catholic continues to be a worthy of demonstration of why Reactionary Dissent [Read More...]

Sheesh! I leave town and Law goes to Rome Personally, I hope he’s there to say, “I surrender. Life is hell. I’ve screwed up too badly to repair it. Let somebody else with a little credibility take over.” But I’m not at all confident that will happen. The Pope seems quite willing to let life [Read More...]

Kalamazoo was great! A terrific diocese! The class was fun, the people were great, and the food was scrumptious. I even got to meet the bishop, who celebrated Mass and hung around to hear the first part of the class, to my surprise (no pressure!) I also survived the flight home despite mechanical problems they [Read More...]

K-A-L-A-M-A-Z-O-O What a diocese! A real pipperoo! I’m outta here early this week so’s I can make the haj to Kalamazoo and yak about Making Senses Out of Scripture. Hope to see all you Michiganders and other Midwest types there this Saturday. You can laugh at my chattering teeth and make up derisive names for [Read More...]

NEW TAPE MAY MEAN AL GORE IS ALIVE Intelligence Analysts Studying Chilling ‘Today Show’ Appearance A videotape purporting to show former Vice President Al Gore appearing on NBC’s “Today Show” with Katie Couric to promote a new book is the strongest evidence to date that Mr. Gore may be alive, intelligence sources said today. While [Read More...]

A sentiment to go with “Choice on Earth” While we are bowdlerizing Christian phrases, how about “Red and yellow, black and white/they are worthless in our sight./PP kills the little children of the world!” [Read more...]

Not a State Church, but Still a Product of our Culture Had an interesting talk with a friend last night. He’s a historian (Eastern Europe, 20th century) and tends to take the long view of things as a result. Sensible guy. He offered his opinion that democratic cultures tend to get the expression of Church [Read More...]

You guys are on the same wavelength! On reader sends along today’s reading as a comment on Current Events: Every one then who hears these words of Mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house upon the rock; [25] and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the [Read More...]