Okay. One more, cuz it’s so great! First off, who can resist a blog with a name like “Trousered Ape”? But most especially, who can resist the Trousered Ape when, in the spirit of Scream for Jeeves, he shows us what the world would have been like if Edgar Allen Poe had written the Dick [Read More...]


Well that should keep people yelling at me for a while On with the Exodus study! See you when I can surface again! [Read more...]


Another reader takes me to task for my skepticism that Israel has never ever ever done anything wrong ever I write: I realize it’s simply impossible for Israeli troops, encouraged by their gov’t to feel free to shoot innocents in their pursuit of the guilty, to ever actually act on that encouragement, just as I [Read More...]


My Latest on Catholic Exchange Your answer to people who think that self-denial is an end rather than a means. “What’s in it for me?” is a deeply Christian question. [Read more...]


It’s better to know than love what is beneath you. It’s better to love than know what is above you. Disputations: A Vital Part of Your Complete Intellectual Breakfast [Read more...]


Jimmy Akin Discovers that William Tecumseh Sherman was as prescient about Spiritual Warfare as he was about Earthly Warfare I think Sherman said somewhere that a soldier’s life consisted of being wounded in battle and having your name spelled wrong in the papers. [Read more...]


Pope Does a Little Public Soul-Searching, Wonders if He Should have been Stricter Pope-Haters Smell fresh blood in the water and seize on it with relish. Pope lovers say, “Yeah. I expect you could have been, Holy Father. But I’m damn grateful for what you have done and I shudder to think of what lesser [Read More...]


100,000 Self-Hating Jews Demand Israel Keep Its Promise to Leave Gaza I am informed by readers that Jews critical of anything Israel does are ipso facto “self-hating Jews”. Meanwhile, corrupt murderous Arafat kleptocracy continues to whip Palestinians into murderous hate. And in the middle, a couple of kids get blown away by Israeli troops for [Read More...]


“I just wanted to pet the jaguar” “The shrivelled and dried finger from the man’s right hand was found outside the cat cage last week…” There are some stories that just don’t need a lot of comment. [Read more...]


It’s official. Now I’ve heard everything You have to wonder where their parents were. Or their biology teachers. Or even their friends in high school. *Nobody* clued them in? [Read more...]