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I propose we convert the citizens of Palm Beach Florida into Soylent Green and ship them to sub-Saharan Africa Or perhaps making them into dog food would be more fitting. [Read more...]


The Generic Insult Site When you care enough to send the very best. [Read more...]


More Religious Opposition to War with Iraq [Read more...]


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Larry Kropp jumps into the homosexual argument in my comments box [Read more...]


Love ya, Mother Teresa! Just don’t wanna be like you! Everybody loves Mother Teresa (except for Christopher Hitchens, who with typical passion, hates her as he pretty much hates everybody that speaks or lives too much for God). I much prefer Hitchens’ definiteness over the mealy-mouthed pretences of creeps like John Dominic Crossan, who pretends [Read More...]


Thomas Friedman and Pope John Paul II agree It’s a clash of civilizations. [Read more...]


It’s moments like this when a blog really pays off You get such a warm feeling of doing the Human Race a service when you can pass along (from readers dedicated to finding the really juicy tidbits) titles like the following: How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective [Read More...]


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A reader writes This is the procedure and outcome which the ethics committee at the National Institutes of Health only a few years ago called ‘obscene.’ BTW, IMHO, Dr. Doerflinger (see article) in this case has his head up his ass. I am shocked that he is not alive to the staggering possibilities here. But [Read More...]


Periodically, secularists look up and are startled to discover Voltaire was really really wrong They record their astonishment in Christmas and Easter editions of magazines like this. One of these days, the astonished realization is going to descend upon them that it’s not God who must be reconciled to science, but science that must be [Read More...]