Goody gumdrops! I get to go see the Two Towers today! Decent Films has some quibbles but basically gives it two thumbs up [Read more...]

For Reactionary Dissenters, the proposition that the perfidious Jews are tunnelling under the house is called “sharing God’s love” Like I say, the message of Reactionary Dissent is “Be afraid. Be very afraid!” No faith, hope or love that I can discern. The Shadow Tradition lives in the article Cork references: the notion that “if [Read More...]

Well this is weird I demand an explanation from Amy or Josh Claybourn. What kind of creepy Art Bell occult UFO gene experimentation things are you guys up to in Indiana anyway? [Read more...]

Is there a copyright lawyer in the house? I’m one of those rare people who thought Napster had it coming. I don’t believe in copying albums you haven’t bought, much for the same reason I would resent it if people xeroxed my books and didn’t pay me for them. But a question occurred to me [Read More...]

Lane Core is funny guy! [Read more...]

Peace with Goldberg Achieved I agree completely. If you substitute “triumph” with the word “battle”, I have no quarrel at all. A beautiful harmony now reigns between the Corner and this blog. Let us hold a feast and do the dance of joy. [Read more...]

Why it’s so much easier to take conservatives seriously as moral thinkers Two words: Trent Lott. When one of their own makes it clear he is a self-serving jackass unfit for high office, conservatives have shown their adherence to principle, by and large, and demanded his ouster. Compare and contrast this with the defense of [Read More...]

That’s because, Jonah, The Lord of the Rings is not about the Triumph of Good Over Evil It’s about the redemption of evil by self-sacrificial love. Good does not “triumph” over evil in Tolkien’s universe because it is a Catholic universe. As Tolkien himself said, “I am a Roman Catholic. I do not expect history [Read More...]

Having Rod Bennett visit has renewed my appreciation for Wonder Magazine, his delightful magazine And the good news is: it’s about to be resurrected, starting in April or so! Y’all should get the guy to come and speak at your parish. Extremely interesting and fun! Or, if you prefer, go to the Cornerstone Festival in [Read More...]

The problem is exclusively with the hierarchy They aren’t a reflection of a deeply diseased culture at all. [Read more...]

Brings new meaning to the verses from Canada’s national anthem… O Canada! We stand on guard for thee! Kathy Shaidle must be so proud. [Read more...]

Stokes mostly found not guilty The practical results of this trial seem about right to me: the guy doesn’t go up the river forever, his abuser has a pain in the hip to remind him that sin is evil. However, this statement troubles me greatly: “This is a statement not just for me, but for [Read More...]