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Frail Pope Cracks Down! Sadly, not everybody can see the limitless kaleidoscope of wonders that is gay sex. Here, for example, we see an aging cleric who is not (yet) subject to hate crime legislation wantonly committing the Crime Against Humanity of calling marriage a “sacrament”–twice! Who would *not* call that an “assault”? I just [Read More...]

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Could there be anything more worthy of celebration in cinema than the awesome greatness of gay sex? NO! I say! NO!!!! Let us all gather our families, our children, our old ones, our sons, our daughters, our transgendered, our lesbigay, our transvestites, our Exploring Their Sexuality, our Whatevers, and come together to worship and celebrate [Read More...]

Gearhead Nun Profiled by Delightfully Naive Reporter “You can exclaim ‘Damn!’ around Harney and she doesn’t flinch.” (Actual quote) Maybe it’s just my Noo Yawk Catholic mother-in-law and her refreshing combination of piety and earthiness which has gotten me used to such things, but the peculiar amazement of journo types when a nun is discovered [Read More...]

Too. Much. Stupidity. Space curving. Reality bending. It’s sucking all time, matter, and energy into a black hole of cretinism: “Madonna and director Jamie King offer dazzling video images as Madonna performs – beautiful, disturbing, over-the-top, political, mystical, mysterious, religious. During ‘Mother/Father’ the Catholic images presented will wow even Mel Gibson – unless he objects [Read More...]

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