So sad. So many people bearing the cross for incompetent and criminal shepherds [Read more...]

On the bright side… A reader writes: This was sent by a soldier who is home for two weeks from Baghdad. I think it says it all… As I head off to Baghdad for the final weeks of my stay in Iraq, I wanted to say thanks to all of you who did not believe [Read More...]

Experience the Fury of the Latest StrongBad email! It’s not over when you think it’s over. [Read more...]

The Difference Between Us and the Islamosphere You never see Al-Jazeera fretting that “Damage to Twin Towers and Pentagon May Ignite Anti-Islamic Passions in America” Having no heritage of a theology of original sin means never having to say you’re sorry. [Read more...]

Rod Dreher Moves to Dallas, Crime Rate Soars Coincidence? You decide. [Read more...]

CAEI: Not as bad as Saddam Hussein In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say I’m not as bad as Saddam Hussein *and* Adolf Hitler. [Read more...]

Da Vinci Code spawns entirely new genre of literature! It’s official. Literary experts have recognized the birth of a whole new genre of writing that centers entirely on debunking the Da Vinci Code. In this roundtable discussion, for instance, we find no fewer than eleven authors in the queue, waiting to open up a can [Read More...]

Kiwis, Being Non-Combatants, Have No Rights Under the Geneva Convention So you can arrest them and keep them on ice for months. At least, I’m pretty sure you can. [Read more...]

The Case of the Demon-Possessed Coke Can [Read more...]

Everybody Agrees That it’s Nobody’s Fault It’s…. uhhhhh….. panic. Yeah! That’s it! That’s the ticket! Panic! [Read more...]