American Voters Spot Dislikable Snob Why can’t Kerry get traction? Because he’s just flat somebody it’s hard to like. Barring a major catastrophe, I predict he’s toast. [Read more...]

Bishop Olmstead Does the Right Thing A reader sends this along: Media Update The headline in the Arizona Republic (5/21/04), “Bishops won’t link politics, Communion” misrepresents my position. Abortion is the killing of a completely innocent life and thus bad news for both unborn children and their mothers. It is a horrible wrong. It is [Read More...]

And with that, I’m outta here See you Tuesday! [Read more...]

You are the head of a great people who have done much good in the world Some of your troops have committed grotesque abuses. Now the press seems to only want to talk, 24/7, about the grotesque sodomistic abuses committed by the relatively small number of troops while completely ignoring a) the far greater evil [Read More...]

Ideologue Hijacks Graduation Ceremony Look. There’s a time and a place for airing your views on politics. Somebody else’s Big Day is not that time and place. I’m with the students in the stands, booing Doctorow. [Read more...]

This is not one of those fake spamograms This is a letter from the sister of a guy I know. I won’t give his name, but he’s a father in our Cub Scout group, and has a sister who is expecting an ancephalic baby. Attached is an email from her describing why they are not [Read More...]

Grateful Iraq to America: Thanks. Get lost. “Al-Sistani believes in getting rid of the Americans using peaceful methods. Moqtada al-Sadr believes in violence. The methods are different but the goals are the same. We are all united in this aim.” One wonders who he means when he says “we are all”. [Read more...]

Episcopalian Episcopal Spine Alert [Read more...]

Warning: Amy Welborn May be Harmful or Fatal to Illiterate Boobs. If you are an Illiterate Boob, Please Exercise Extreme Caution Before Writing a Stupid Note to Her in a Superior Tone of Voice [Read more...]

Looks like it really was a wedding party What a tragic mistake. [Read more...]