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Catholic Light Helps St. Blog’s Family Therapist Understand What Gender is For I knew there was trouble ever since Greg met me at the door in that French maid outfit. He blushed, muttered something about “modeling servant kingship for my adoring wife” and hurried upstairs to change. The rest of my visit was uneventful, but [Read More...]

Pope reiterates classic Just War teaching. Everybody wonders what he might possibly mean by it Come with me, gentle reader, as we attempt to unravel the web of secrecy and mystery that surround the inmost workings of that impregnable Citadel of the Incomprehensible: the Vatican! The Catholic Faith has, among its other points of Just [Read More...]

Based on my comments box stats… I oppose the death penalty for bad Catholic educators! Especially if they don’t like Tolkien, consecrate Russia, or have not read Ecumenical Jihad with Mark Cameron. There! That should increase my site traffic! [Read more...]

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Another argument for Home Schooling Why waste time arguing with these bean counters? Help build up the homeschool network and make it into the parallel (and state-independent) force for good that it is. Jesus was home-schooled you know. [Read more...]

“Why didn’t we learn, well, Catholicism?” A son of the 70′s AmChurch educational establishment laments his impoverishment. The happy thing is: a *ton* of extremely solid catechetical, evangelistic and apologetic material has been produced in the past 15 years of so. For my own horror stories of attempts at RCIA in the mid 80s, of [Read More...]

Ted Turner Torn Between Bid for Senate Majority Leader, Messiah “I’m over-qualified for both roles,” said Turner, “but the little people need me.” [Read more...]

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An actual question I got in the mail… “At your leisure, please explain how miracles happen.” Of course, *I* know the answer. But I thought I’d throw this softball out to you guys and see if you could handle it. When you’re done arguing, I’ll look your answers over and see if they are Correct [Read More...]

The other day Rod wrote about the Muslim guy who stopped another Muslim from torching a synagogue One also hears about people like this emerging in the Islamic world. And I’ve gotten email from young people in Iran who loathe the current regime and are not too terribly thrilled about Islam either after having it [Read More...]

Blessed are the peacemakers The difference between the Christian and Islamic world? In the Christian world he’s a fringe nutcase, in the Islamic world, he’s an amateur. [Read more...]