Ideologue Hijacks Graduation Ceremony Look. There’s a time and a place for airing your views on politics. Somebody else’s Big Day is not that time and place. I’m with the students in the stands, booing Doctorow. [Read more...]

This is not one of those fake spamograms This is a letter from the sister of a guy I know. I won’t give his name, but he’s a father in our Cub Scout group, and has a sister who is expecting an ancephalic baby. Attached is an email from her describing why they are not [Read More...]

Grateful Iraq to America: Thanks. Get lost. “Al-Sistani believes in getting rid of the Americans using peaceful methods. Moqtada al-Sadr believes in violence. The methods are different but the goals are the same. We are all united in this aim.” One wonders who he means when he says “we are all”. [Read more...]

Episcopalian Episcopal Spine Alert [Read more...]

Warning: Amy Welborn May be Harmful or Fatal to Illiterate Boobs. If you are an Illiterate Boob, Please Exercise Extreme Caution Before Writing a Stupid Note to Her in a Superior Tone of Voice [Read more...]

Looks like it really was a wedding party What a tragic mistake. [Read more...]

“Communism rapes… Capitalism seduces.” – Fulton Sheen I’m sure there will be readers eager to defend this system, as there are readers eager to defend Wal-Mart grotesque depredations on the poor of the Third World. I think this is every bit as obscene and exploitive as a kiddie porn film. [Read more...]

Juli Loesch Wiley writes: THE FABLE OF THE CATS Once upon a time, in a land quite different from our own, there were those who followed an ancient “spiritual way.” Among other things, they considered cats to be sacred. The “Cattadocians,” convinced that cats have a spirit nature transcending mere physical existence, sincerely held that [Read More...]

The Great Enema: Now Morphing into the Great Disembowelment Hats off to the Spokane episcopacy! Memorable work! You may be the first diocese to go bankrupt. You won’t be the last. [Read more...]

If only teachers could marry! If only women could be teachers! None of this would have happened! [Read more...]