The weird part of this is that there are many multi-culti apologists who will say, “She had it coming. She was evangelical about her faith.” The post-Christian West has a sort of death wish, I think. [Read more...]

The stupidity of all this is… you don’t have to cast the dragnet this wide. And you can start by, oh, focusing on every Saudi or Yemeni who comes here. But no. We have to pry into the bank account of Carl Krebsbach in Lake Wobegon. He *might* be a terrorist. Memo to the US [Read More...]

A Christian interview with Phillip Pullman is here and a First Things review of his extremely well-written and destructive books is here. FT also has a nice review of Harry Potter, who so many Christians are foolishly in a lather about. Future generation are going to look back on this one and wonder why we [Read More...]

I’m outta here for the weekend Before I go, the enterprising Dave Armstrong took a thread I participated in last year concerning the Gathering for Peace at Assisi and boiled it into a single web page article (amazing editor, that Dave). Here it is. I was writing in response to a protracted sneer about Assisi [Read More...]

Stop this Menace before it’s too late!!!!! [Read more...]

There but for the grace of God go I I hear stuff like this a lot about guys like Law: “Law and others apparently have the attitude that priests are demigods who can do no wrong”. I hear them described as men of calculated malice, etc. I don’t think that’s accurate. Here’s my take on [Read More...]

On the bright side Krispy Kreme Donut profits are up 56%. [Read more...]

They must recruit bishops from the bottom 25% of the class or something Yeah! Great idea! Let’s kick off our Abortion Education Program with this trial! [Read more...]

George W. Bush Complains Maureen Dowd is Inciting a Climate of Hate Against Him and His Family Rather far-fetched headline, right? That’s because Bush is not a desperate demagogue with nothing to offer. Kudos to Greg Krehbiel for this observation. [Read more...]

Amy’s right It’s a culture of protectiveness that puts the good of the chum above the good of the victim. It forms no legitimate part of the Tradition but is, like anti-semitism was for so long, an aspect of the Shadow Tradition, the sin the haunts the Church from its inception. Traditionalists very often confuse [Read More...]

Kevin Miller Agrees with Me, More or Less, About PBA I think the Abortion Party is still galvanisable about this. Nothing gets people fired up like attacks on their fundamental religious beliefs and the Dems view abortion as a sacrament (suggesting that Moloch is tanned, rested, and ready for worship). Indeed, some of the more [Read More...]

Oh, and speaking of which… It’s also the Feast Days of C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley. In honor of all three, here is my piece, “Paranoia is the Serious Business of Heaven“. [Read more...]