Now the Wedding Party Story is in the He said, She Said Phase I dunno what’s going on. One reader tells me I need more TV in my life. Oooookay. [Read more...]

A reader writes: I wrote this letter to my family after they insisted I read The DaVinci Code. The book changed my life totally, as you can see. Dear Family, I have now finally read The DaVinci Code, and I gave it to Mike, and he read it, too. We both liked it a lot, [Read More...]

Did he really do this? I’m afraid so. [Read more...]

Agent 99, Hand Me the Surveillance Bagel I always thought spies were supposed to be disguised as tennis bums. [Read more...]

Please help one of my readers… …by taking this brief survey he is doing. Don’t worry, he’s not selling anything. [Read more...]

A reader writes: Thought you (and your readers, possibly) might appreciate this story about an 11-year old boy (who died in 1998) in the life of an 18 year old from Michigan. I work with the father who took this kid in with his own family. The whole thing still amazes me. I knew the [Read More...]

When Kennedys Attack Just what we need: Kennedys doing theology. [Read more...]

The problem with Abu Ghraib? The torture wasn’t wrong. It just wasn’t done professionally. Actually, we need *more* torture! Alan Dershowitz, having done so much for American culture defending Clinton, now continues to make his contribution to the coarsening of our civilization by advocating for torture. To any Catholic readers tempted to say, “Gee, he’s [Read More...]

Stimulus Response (courtesy of a reader): To the Editor: So artist Andrea Fraser is going to make a video showing a customer, er, collector having sex with her for $20,000 (Rush and Molloy, May 24). It sounds like she’s making herself a high-priced hooker. If she gets away with that, every streetwalker in New York [Read More...]

Zoot Alors! Come away wiz me, mon cher, to France! Zis Septembre, Fathair Rub Johansen and ah weel be leading a peelgreemaj to France! You can be a pairt of eet bah cleecking here for ze details! [Read more...]