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The Globe reluctantly admits Catholics run better schools [Read more...]


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After a brief interlude Al-Quaeda does everybody the favor of providing moral clarity. The crimes at Abu Ghraib must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if only because they will provide excellent recruiting brochure materials for Al-Quaeda. But let’s not do the moral equivalence thing and imagine that this aberration, condemned by [Read More...]


A reader asks I am thirty years old and have been friends with someone since high school. He hates Catholicism and loves to debate me about everything. He has refused all requests to pray with me, etc. He is an extremely successful, metrosexual, rich, intelligent agnostic attorney raised nominally Episcopalian. He spent 8 years in [Read More...]


Cheat Commandos! They, like, totally rock! [Read more...]


The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman Found this over on Victor Lams blog. It’s way funny. And be sure to click on the Sing Along book after you watch the “Uniform” film. [Read more...]


Note the clever lie New Jersey’s State Senate Majority leader has decided to leave the Roman Catholic church after 57 years, citing church demands that politicians vote in accordance with Catholic doctrine. Actually, what the Church demands is that *Catholic* politicians fish or cut bait. If you are going to be an abortion whore, then [Read More...]


My pal Dan O’Neill Will be Climbing Mt. Rainier for Mercy Corps The guy’s a human dynamo. [Read more...]


Father Murphy is the priest who testified on behalf of Michael Schiavo, stating that removing food and fluid from a vulnerable person was not contrary to catechism. God have mercy on him. [Read more...]