American Conservatives Baffled By Pope Who Prefers Peace to War “After all those years of hailing him as a fellow conservative Reaganite, he betrays us by daring to fear that war with Iraq could have disastrous consequences and by fretting about the fact that the Christians fare far worse under US allies like Saudi Arabia [Read More...]

Really looking forward to that next flight out of Seattle Tacoma International So glad our nation’s security is in the hands of Federales with a pulse and a minimal brainwave reading. [Read more...]

Best Tagline? Reminds me of Garrison Keillor being billed as “America’s Tallest Radio Humorist”. Welcome to Catholic and Enjoying it! Winner of the coveted “Best Tagline” award from Blogs4God! You like me! You really like me! (Gush! Sob!) [Read more...]

In the eternal quest to justify taking more time off… I offer this for the weekend. [Read more...]

Looking for a daily devotional? Try My Daily Visitor. The January 2003 issue is by yours truly. [Read more...]

Well, this should stir the blood among my conservative Catholic readers For those further interested in a conversation between somebody who really has no problem with Evangelium Vitae and somebody who appears to want to execute as many criminals as the law will allow, go here. [Read more...]

Dr. Judith Reisman believes that the Church should sue the so-called “sex experts” for malpractice [Read more...]

I never disappointed God A festive celebration of the amazing career of Archbishop (think of that! Archbishop!) Milingo. [Read more...]

Mother Teresa, War of the Rose (Episode MMMCLXVIII), other news [Read more...]

Today is JRR Tolkien’s Eleventy First Birthday! I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve! But have a piece of cake on me anyway while you work that out to see if it comes to a [Read More...]

If this guy “created” Bigfoot, he sure did get around… …cuz those tracks have been found all over the Cascades and Sierras, as well as body prints in mud and fur samples from an unknown animal. I think Sasquatch is real. The skeptics rule of life: If some sets of tracks was faked, all were [Read More...]

One of the things I don’t get …is people who kvetch at the Pope as though he’s somehow to blame because he’s extremely popular with a lot of people. Yes, wherever he goes, he tends to evoke the typical responses you’d expect in a culture that is suckled on the cult of celebrity. But it [Read More...]