The Happy Confluence of “Cut Through the Red Tape. Our Boys Aren’t Subject to Original Sin” Post-9/11 Thinking and Clinton’s “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” Policy Bears Abundant Fruit Memo to US troops: If you are going to torture somebody and whisper your desires for sodomizing them in their ears, try to make sure they aren’t reporters [Read More...]

Reporter Discovers Catholic Church is Not a Monolith Time to call out the albino assassins. If this get out, our reputation is ruined. [Read more...]

High Pressure Job Profile of the Week: Bible Proofreader [Read more...]

Catholics Outraged at Being Expected to Be Catholic As somebody has pointed out, the brain-dead left is going to have to make up its mind. Is abortion a religious issue that shouldn’t be dragged into politics or is it a political issue that religious figures have no right to speak about? Of course, “intelligent and [Read More...]

The Devil is an Ass …not to mention amazingly petty. [Read more...]

The Surreal World of Leftist Politics On the bright side, the gays were not behaving like brownshirts. On the downside, the Palestinians were. A strange laboratory demonstration of Buchanan’s point. [Read more...]

“This war … is about – deeply about – sex.” – Charles Krauthammer Well, yes. And it’s very sensible to wonder if our deeply sexually deranged culture is in any position to be telling another deeply sexually deranged culture, “We are the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” [Read more...]

Iraq the Model Interesting blog. [Read more...]

Gay Catholics Upset that Church Fails to Affirm the Unsullied Perfection that is Gay Sex More Catholics who think the Eucharist is a civil right. [Read more...]

There is no such thing as an isolated historic event …as the bishops of the American Church are going to find out. There is the event itself. Then there is the long process by which a culture chews over the event and turns it into art, drama, song, poetry and the political and social mulch [Read More...]