Personnel Turnover in Pointless Toothless National Review Board Meaningless bureacratic appendage to lose, gain members. Meanwhile, wimpy American bishops consider beginning to think about considering the process of studying the possibility of starting to govern the Church. Dont’ hurry them. These things have to be approached slowly. [Read more...]

Here’s a Muslim Whose Hand I’d like to Shake [Read more...]

It’s a good thing Muslims don’t want to do this or it would be barbarous [Read more...]

One of the weirdest editorials USA Today has ever run Written as if to prove my friend’s point that both gun and abortion zealots seem to see even the slightest questioning of the object of their enthusiasm as an Imminent Imposition of a Police State. Dare to suggest that we don’t really need a right [Read More...]

Jimmy Breslin, Writing from a Planet Known Only to Him, Declares Catholic Clergy to be Right-Wing Republicans He then goes on to advocate the famous Semi-Permeable Uni-directional Membrane of Separation between Church and State. That’s where the State Compassion Gestapo gets to expunge every trace of God (except for sharia) from the public square, but [Read More...]

This reminds me of why Jonah Goldberg’s basic observation here is so true. I’m disgusted by the crimes at Abu Ghraib. But the fact is, the first response of the United States was to make these crimes stop, not to promote the people who committed them. Contrast that with the Bronze Age Thug who wants [Read More...]

The New Atlantis A Journal on Science and Technology that is put out by some of the Good Guys. [Read more...]

We May have a Contender for the Stupidest Anti-Catholic Political Piece of the Year The logic of this incoherent piece seems to be “If the Catholic Church does not set aside time during Mass to urge voters to support Kerry, it is a papist plot against him.” Brownie points to any reader who can parse [Read More...]

How the Evil Party Looks to Normal People Somebody just sent me this: Subject: 2004 NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION – OFFICIAL PROGRAM 6:00P – Opening Flag Burning Ceremony. 6:00P – Opening Secular Prayers (Rev. Jesse Jackson & Rev. Al Sharpton) 6:30P – Anti-War Concert (Barbra Streisand) 6:40P – Ted Kennedy Proposes A Toast. 7:00P – Tribute [Read More...]

Long time readers will be shocked by this link But when somebody does the right thing, you gotta give ‘em credit. Joe D’Hippolito does the right thing here by exposing this. [Read more...]