What! Everywhere isn’t here? This will come as a shock both to watery liberals who can’t stand a forthright orthodox Christian faith and to Lidless Eyes who strain at gnats (eek! the Pope received a traditional Indian greeting!) while overlooking the camel of a great deal of gung ho orthodoxy because it isn’t dressed in [Read More...]


Disputations Makes a Good Point… that I mostly agree with and partly disagree with. Speaking as a Catholic, I agree completely (and have stated elsewhere) that insofar as a bishop is delivering the Tradition or acting in his office as teacher, his “moral authority” is utterly irrelevant to whether we should listen to him. Even [Read More...]


Harry Potter as a closet Catholic A reader writes: I was driving around today listening to the John Williams soundtrack for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (excellent stuff, BTW) and realized something pretty…well, strange. Potter authoress Jo Rowling has always been a bit cagey when it comes to discussing religion or her own [Read More...]


I know this will tick a lot of my readers off (so what else is new?) But I don’t see that this is particularly wrong.The council calls us to affirm what can be affirmed in common with Islam. He’s not doing or saying anything that John Paul (and Peter Kreeft, for that matter) haven’t said [Read More...]


Good Guys Winning Hearts and Minds [Read more...]


Let no good deed go unpunished! Here’s how press bias works. All over the world, a human race that ignores, in various ways, what God says about sexual morality and drug use is currently suffering from the horrible scourge of AIDS. No institution on the planet has done more to bring comfort and succor to [Read More...]


At Last! Some Good News for CAI! [Read more...]


A reader offers an antidote to Left Behind I’ve referenced this in a couple of comment boxes, but in light of the wide (and highly unfortunate) popularity of the Left Behind stuff, I think it deserves a larger audience. Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson was a convert from Anglicanism–his father was the Archbishop of Canterbury. He [Read More...]


Boston’s Hierarchy Continues to Distinguish Itself With its Courage and Justice Same cowardice, only now the people being abandoned in the rush to neglect responsibility are priests instead of victims. I’m impressed with this guy: “Foster says it is the victims of priests, and not him, who deserve the church’s undivided attention. ”What I’ve been [Read More...]


Take a second, maybe save a life I know, I know. It’s Oprah “Islam means peace” Winfrey’s site. But she’s doing the right thing. Send an email to the Nigerian ambassador and make noise about the backward cretinous Bronze Age barbarism of stoning Amina Lawal to death. Maybe they’ll listen to a million or so [Read More...]


The weird part of this is that there are many multi-culti apologists who will say, “She had it coming. She was evangelical about her faith.” The post-Christian West has a sort of death wish, I think. [Read more...]


The stupidity of all this is… you don’t have to cast the dragnet this wide. And you can start by, oh, focusing on every Saudi or Yemeni who comes here. But no. We have to pry into the bank account of Carl Krebsbach in Lake Wobegon. He *might* be a terrorist. Memo to the US [Read More...]