Oh, and speaking of which… It’s also the Feast Days of C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley. In honor of all three, here is my piece, “Paranoia is the Serious Business of Heaven“. [Read more...]


This being the Feast Day for John Fitzgerald Kennedy… I thought I’d offer my JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory. My theory is that Lee Harvey Oswald was this nut with a gun who got up in the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository and shot the president. I know it sounds crazy and improbable, [Read More...]


Scrappleface on Homeland Security Me: I’ve thought of a perfect Christmas Carol to spruce up this advertising-impaired organization’s image for the holidays “They know when you’ve been sleeping They know when you’re awake They know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good, for goodness sake!” [Read more...]


The Awesome Power of the Cross Such mercy will one day triumph over all. Surely this man is a son of Abraham. May his wife rest in peace. [Read more...]


Everybody has a website but you What’s next? Luddite.com? [Read more...]


I just knew I’d get some Kopp apologists coming out of the woodwork And offering the normal unbelievably far-fetched moral conundrums to try to justify a grade A a******’s cold blooded act of vigilante murder (“Well what if you were a Polish Jew with a gun to your head, with an SS officer threatening your [Read More...]


When he’s not trying to prop up the creaky and preposterous edifice of atheism… Andy’s rather sensible. (see his blog on “The Black Men of America”. Me: I’m suffering from post-Cromwell Stress Syndrome. I haven’t been the same since the Brits took over Ireland. You people owe me! Big time! All of you!!!! [Read more...]


My other website is www.mark-shea.com Now and then I look at the stats on the site to see where traffic is coming from. You know what pulls in a huge number of Google hits? “Stick bugs” You people are mysterious to me. [Read more...]


So… Did Bush Issue an Order for Gov’t Art saying… “Give me something that will really make folks flesh creep!” Apparently so, given that *this* is yet another example of a “Homeland Security” logo: Talk about the “Lidless Eye”. Brrrrr. Update for unbelievers: It’s not a gag. See? Thanks to JB the Kairos Guyfor this. [Read More...]


Daschle Stamps His Tiny Feet in Impotent Rage Sheesh! [Read more...]


The NY Times grasps at straws For months they insisted Bush could not prosecute war with Iraq because this would be “unilateral” and the UN had to sign off. So they did. Now that’s not good enough either. [Read more...]


Reactions, Outrage, a few Stupid Excuses for James C. Iscariot from Prolife Voices Just say he is a murderer, liar, thief, and traitor. Full stop. Don’t come to me with any of this “Well, if you push people far enough…” BS. [Read more...]