Memo to the Stupid Party Lead, dammit! It’s finally in your power to save the lives of babies. Do it. [Read more...]

So does this mean the war starts anytime? I mean, what’s the point of inspections if Saddam is already cheating (which was not a huge surprise)? ‘nother question: How do they know he’s cheating if they haven’t started the inspections? [Read more...]

Sad and bleak There’s a pagan sadness to these little “Remnant” groups, so clearly destined to wither like little flowers. Very often you find a few truly beautiful souls in them (often born into them), and a great deal of stoic pride that is trying soldier on to the Millennium through sheer dint of will. [Read More...]

Like I say, Caesar is the guarantor of episcopal compliance with basic justice If you will not obey the higher law of love willingly, you will obey the lower law of justice whether you will or no, Cardinal Egan. I’m amazed to find myself agreeing with Richard McBrien. [Read more...]

The thrill of agony! The victory of defeat! It’s the WORLD ROCK PAPER SCISSORS SOCIETY! Now, you’re probably wondering how I’m going to tie this to Catholic faith, aren’t you? You probably think I can’t do it! Doncha? Huh? Doncha? AHEM! Human beings differ from the rest of the animal kingdom in that, in the [Read More...]

The Toxic Phase When somebody has hurt you, there is a tipping point where you pass (if you aren’t careful) from being cautious about trusting them (which is entirely sensible) to assuming the blackest and worst about them. Indeed, to *enjoy* thinking the worst about them. To take whatever they do and say, no matter [Read More...]

Andrew Sullivan needs to brush up on his theology For reasons that are not too terribly difficult to grasp, Sullivan is eager to find examples of cafeteria Catholicism among the ranks of theocons like George Weigel. It makes his own selectivity about other aspects of Catholic teaching more palatable, after all. Sullivan writes: THEOCONS VERSUS [Read More...]

Given that Jody has decided to take up more or less permanent residence in one of my comments boxes… and only use his own blog to post short links driving all his traffic here, I feel as though I should do something. But what? Change the name of my blog to “Mark’s Home for Wayward [Read More...]

Josh Claybourn on Catholic Conservative Nancy Pelosi [Read more...]

George Weigel on the Justice of War with Iraq [Read more...]

In a world riven by war and Islamicist terror, the American Humanist Association stood up for the things that really matter! [Read more...]

Rod Dreher on The Rapture Trap I’m glad this fine book is getting some press. Ideas have consequences, in this case, both political and spiritual. Thigpen’s book is a really fine piece of work that deals, not only with loony dispensational theories of The End, but also with how to deal with various loony Catholic [Read More...]