They don’t know what’s killing them Exxxxxcellent! [Read more...]

New Muslim ‘zine promotes interreligious dialogue A True Word was established to provide an authentic Islamic viewpoint on contemporary issues, and to actively engage the non-Muslim world in a constructive and honest dialogue of ideas. We write for both Muslims and non-Muslims. This magazine was born of a dissatisfaction with the level of dialogue in [Read More...]

The Latest Piece is Up on Catholic Exchange Now you know what a Verihydripples is. [Read more...]

I’m outta here for the weekend Many thanks for prayers! If you think if it, remember me to Our Lord. [Read more...]

Andy and Jody Fight a Straw Man … as is the custom with atheists. I wrote that the answer to a diseased spirituality is a healthy one, not the watery mix of Mammon and Hallmark cards that characterizes so much of the West. Jody and Andy, on cue, reply with Straw Man Rebuttal #325: “Maybe [Read More...]

Justin Katz on Commonweal on St. Blog’s Still haven’t seen the piece myself. [Read more...]

On not making the Dem’s mistake One of the things that sank the Dems was obsession with the past. They stopped having anything to say, because they were so obsessed with “overturning 2000″ and other historical grievances. It’s the same mentality that makes the Balkans the happy land you see today. Catholics pissed at our [Read More...]

Comparative Cartooning Scholars announced today that the legendary roots of the “Mouse Event” have been definitively proven. In a shocking revelation, a seven hundred year old fresco bearing an uncanny similarity to Mickey Mouse showed definitively that the long-accepted paradigm held by Disney traditionalists was in profound crisis. According to Disney tradition, Mickey Mouse was [Read More...]

Big Brother on the March in England “People should not have to go through life being subjected to abuse because of who they are or what they believe in,” says the irony-impaired Commander Cressida Dick of the (I’m not making this up) Diversity Directorate, adding, “You there! Stop laughing at my name! That’s it! You’re [Read More...]

Yeah, I understand that there are “personalities” involved here Like the case with the dumb priest who had kids wear nylons as an icebreaker and was subsequently threatened with bodily harm by some parents, you’re looking at a relationship with a History here. Sources tell me that Fr. Haley is Not an Easy Person to [Read More...]

And here’s the Bishops’ Statement of Committment About fraternal correction, they are non-committal. I estimate 40 years before the vast majority of the people they hope to influence takes them seriously as moral guides again. I’ll listen to them, because I’m a gung-ho Catholic fanatic who distinguishes between the person and the Tradition he is [Read More...]

From the “Strange Bedfellows” files Andrew Greeley, of all people, springs to the defense of the revised norms. Unlike Lawler, he’s not focusing in this article on what bishops should do about themselves when they are idiots, but what they are going to do about abuse, lay panels and all. And he mostly likes what [Read More...]