Caption Contest! Jeff Miller is having a caption contest here. They have a right to pretend to be married. I have a right to laugh at them. [Read more...]

Derbyshire is so gleefully–one might say “gaily”–unafraid of Gay Brownshirts [Read more...]

Rome: The most authoritarian institution on earth At least, according to the press: Google results: “Vatican cracks down” Results: 1050 “Vatican crack down” Results: 998 “Vatican crackdown” Results: 107 “Vatican orders” Results: 424 “Vatican decrees” Results: 431 “Vatican edict” Results: 899 Pope John Paul II: Simultaneously cracking down and doing nothing about Everything since 1978. [Read more...]

“People underestimate the power of butter.” A remark made in passing by my very mysterious son Peter. [Read more...]

Atlanta Surgeons Successfully Graft Catholic Writer to Jim Cork’s Body [Read more...]

Attention Denverites, Mountain Lovers, and People Who Enjoy Being Alive Come to the 2004 INTERNATIONAL FRASSATI FESTIVAL “The Frassati Society in Denver invites young adults from around the world to the Rocky Mountains to celebrate the life and legacy of our patron Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. Our festival begins with Wilderness Week and culminates with [Read More...]

Bp. Sheridan of Colorado Springs has his heart in the right place (Adobe required) At the same time, I have to ask how realistic he’s being. It sound very much like he’s saying “if you live in this diocese and vote for practically any Democratic candidate at any level and a goodly number of Republicans, [Read More...]

Deal Hudson on the Noodle-Spined USCCB Dear Friend, This could be big news. You’re probably familiar with the current move in Congress to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) to the Constitution. With activist judges in states like Massachusetts beginning to rule in favor of homosexual marriage — against the will of the general public [Read More...]

Rabbis to Evangelicals: Don’t Stand So Close to Me [Read more...]

We fight this War to preserve our freedoms! Such as, er, freedom of speech. So long as it isn’t used to criticize the President. [Read more...]