About that French guy on trial A friend observes: If the guy is rating religions based primarily on the literary merits of their sacred books, and he thinks Islam is the dumbest, I can only conclude that the nuances of Book of Mormon haven’t been adequately translated into French. He’s got a point. The book [Read More...]

Explain to me again… Why is it that so many Jews are liberal Democrats? Is it masochism? Why keep backing a party that asks you to bend over and take this? Worse still, why do so many American Blacks put up with creatures like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Cynthia McKinney? Can’t they see these [Read More...]

Relapsed Catholic makes an interesting point Is it not rather myopic for a quadriplegic man to urge the state to deem certain human beings to have lives unworthy of being lived? How long till quadriplegics are deemed a source of valuable body parts for rich people who think their troubles outweigh a disabled person’s right [Read More...]

Catholic bishops have problems with a unilateral attack on Iraq It may soon be a moot point, if the UN continues on its present course. Here’s the text of the bishop’s letter to Bush.. [Read more...]

Bill Cork Continues to Try to Speak Reason to Bob Sungenis He also has a nice analysis of how Bob might have gotten to where he is. As Bill is chronicling, Bob is quietly removing the most egregious passages from his anti-Judaic screeds (always a pleasure to see the Nazi literature go, despite Bob’s earlier [Read More...]

Nature abhors a vacuum Modern secularity’s hostility to Christianity results, not in belief in nothing, but in belief in anything. It also renders the state peculiarly vulnerable to whatever form of spirituality will push the hardest and most militantly in the name of opposition to “religious persecution” (since secularists think “religious persecution” is a uniquely [Read More...]

Joshua Claybourn wants to know my opinion of the recent “Reflections” document As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, the document appears to me to pastorally dumb and confusing, using ultra-nuanced language that was bound to give reporters the basic idea that “the Church teaches Jews can be saved without the grace of Jesus.” For [Read More...]

The Dutch are so Sophisticated and We Americans are Such Cowboys Can’t people see that this nurse was just being extra-special super-duper merciful? She just had a lower threshhold for suffering than most of us, and for this she is on trial? People are so judgmental. [Read more...]

The War of the Rose is in Crisis When I asked Rose if the two anonymous sources corroborated the claim that the senior seminarian was a homosexual who tried to pressure Kellenyi into an intimate relationship, Rose replied, “All I would say is this: What’s in the book was more or less corroborated by those [Read More...]

Toldja bin Laden’s been dead for months. I think this guy’s on the level. An ego as towering as bin Laden’s couldn’t stand to be out of circulation this month. We would have seen a “Nyah nyah, you missed me!” video on al-Jazeer by now. He’s dead, dead, dead. The divine plan did not pan [Read More...]

A reader comments: Here’s a story about Christopher Reeve’s anger at the church for opposing embryonic stem cell research: Let’s ignore, for the moment, the fact that there are plenty of good sources of stem cells other than embryonic tissue. And, let’s not get our feathers ruffled by his disdain for the church – God [Read More...]

Another day, another priest betrays his vows At least Fr. Hamilton had the grace to resign. However, the priest who tried to sound the klaxon on this and other disgusting slime is discovering the “no good deed goes unpunished” rule applies to him too. What is the bishop of Arlington thinking? Meanwhile, a reader writes [Read More...]