Philip Lawler on our Hapless Bench of Bishops I begin to see why the Israelites wandered for 40 years after refusing to take the Promised Land. Sometimes you just have to wait for the old generation of cowards to die out. Well, like Amy said, what’s done is done. Face reality, soldier on. [Read more...]

Fight Terrorism, Have Babies The Pope continues to prove he read this blog. Rod Dreher was saying this just yesterday in my comments down below. Love ya, Holy Father! [Read more...]

Ann Coulter is just so fun Yes, she’s a bomb thrower. So was Tom Paine. I can’t help but enjoy her anyway. Bomb throwers have their place in the political discourse of a nation. I hope the Dems follow her advice to the letter. I applaud the choice of Pelosi. We need more like her [Read More...]

This is, in fact, rather close to what I think is going on Why is it so far-fetched that somebody could have been recruited to do a bin Laden impression? Modern secular Westerners have got to get over the idea that they are smarter than everybody else, as though nobody in the entire Muslim world [Read More...]

I swear, I knew nothing about this speech when I blogged the previous blog Nice to see the Pope is on my wavelength. I’ve long suspected he reads my blog. This just proves it. [Read more...]

Here’s a passage from the “War of the Gods and the Demons” in the Everlasting Man… that has haunted me since the war began. It’s about the defeat of Carthage by Rome, when it was an absolute slam dunk that Rome was on the ropes and was sure to be destroyed by the overwhelming military [Read More...]

This is hopeful Also extraordinary was the Iranian student who contacted me by email, wishing to know all he could about Jesus and Christianity and eager to take whatever I could refer him to and translate it back into Farsi for his fellow students and teachers, who were also sick of Islam and deeply curious [Read More...]

A reader sez… Check out today’s Goldberg File. I think it makes a very good point. The question he asks is essentially this: How does war against Iraq become moral just because Cameroon and Syria are now on our side? How does war become moral because we bought off France and Russia? This is the [Read More...]

Book burners cutters for Jesus More Christians wasting time worrying about Harry Potter and being totally ignorant of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. [Read more...]

A press release for people who are trying to think of something nice to do for a priest they love WEB SITE TO BOOST MORALE OF ETHICAL PRIESTS GARNERS EARLY SUCCESS LOUISVILLE, KY – In just its first three months of operation, the Web site has welcomed more than 25,000 visitors and received approximately [Read More...]

George Weigel on Rome’s revision of the Norms [Read more...]

So the priest, the minister, the rabbi, the penguin and the dancing bear walk into the bar… …the bartender says, “What is this? Some kind of joke?” [Read more...]