Gay Brownshirts on the March! Rhetoric that would please the ghost of Ernst Roehm. [Read more...]

What’s the Frequency, David? [Read more...]

And while the Degenerate West frets about Christians who fail to chant the praises of gay sex… Nigerians labor to convince secularists obsessed with Christ-hatred that sin really does make you stupid–not to mention blind to the real menace to your freedom. [Read more...]

Thanks be to God! [Read more...]

Peaceable protest of Gay Marriage Note brownshirt tactics of gay counter-protesters. Trying to shout people down and laboring to make sure that such a peaceable assembly does not happen again. And what’s up with the “bearing false witness” thing? “I oppose gay marriage” is not an example of false witness against anybody. It’s a statement [Read More...]

There are basically two ways of drawing a jackass You can draw a jackass or you can draw a jackass and write underneath, “This is a jackass”. Rene Gonzalez drew an exquisite self-portrait of a jackass. Dale Price wrote underneath Gonzalez’ self-portrait: “This is a jackass.” [Read more...]

Weird. Speaking of Amy, she went to the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit Friday AM. So did Roy Schoeman (who is still in Ypsilanti at Steve Ray’s house). They were probably there at the same time. How odd. [Read more...]

Amy Welborn gets a mention in the Telegraph Note the curious way the lead paragraph tends to portray the conflict as between “panicked” “pastors, priests and theologians” and Courageous Independent Thinking Dan Brown, who is trying to break the hoodoo of priestcraft by which a class of heirophants holds the masses in their thrall? Yet, [Read More...]

My proposed slogan for the Pope’s campaign to keep the EU somehow in touch with Europe’s Christian roots: Supernature abhors a vacuum. Fill the EU with Christian content today or God will surely allow it to be filled with Muslim content tomorrow. There is no third alternative. [Read more...]

Mistakes were made, etc. Yes, General Karpinski, but about your head. Could you please deposit it on this platter as you leave in disgrace? [Read more...]