Okay. I’ve switched to Haloscan. Seems to work. Apologies to everybody whose comments vanished. I couldn’t stand YACCS crummy software anymore. [Read more...]


He woke one morning and found, to his surprise, that he had come to hate the YACCS comments boxes It was a long time in building, this passionate hatred. Was it the 50/50 chance of actually seeing the comments or getting the software to accept a posting that bothered him the most? It was hard [Read More...]


More info on the utter credulity of theists and the open-mindedness of dogmatic materialism A reader sends along the following: Apropos the current discussion, the official web site of Lourdes has several pages documenting the official process for review of claimed miraculous cures. Of particular note: “Since 1947 until recently, 1300 files have been opened, [Read More...]


Always a comfort to think of my taxes going for things like this and Bill Clinton’s retirement [Read more...]


Americans: Eager to Think Everywhere is Here No, Georgetown. There really are intolerant bigots by the bushel in the Muslim community. Face it, and face it down, or expect more where that came from. It’s Jewish students like the ones chronicled here who give the biggest lie to the notion of some sort of monolithic [Read More...]


Rod complains… The Duns Scotus of Flatbush tendered his resignation to the Holy Father recently, having turned 75. He continues in office today, even though we’ve known since forever that he was going to reach mandatory retirement age this fall, and have known since the first Daily depositions were made public earlier this year what [Read More...]


Try the Realistic Internet Simulator [Read more...]


If the EU President’s Name is Nicolai, We’ll be Sending Kirk Cameron to Assassinate Him [Read more...]


Shawn McElhinney weighs in on the Flame Warrior Question [Read more...]


A reader asks Someone asked for a recommendation for a book about the Marian dogmas. (She was asking about the Assumption in particular, and was curious about what the Church Fathers wrote — I suspect there must be a few good books that cover this.) Do you have any suggestions? If you know, then feel [Read More...]


Samples of Bishop Daily’s Testimony I’m particularly curious about the first section, since I can’t for the life of me decode it into English. The rest is decodable, and unbearable. from Bishop Daily’s deposition, day two (August 22, 2002) ***** MACLEISH: Can you think of why in 1980 you would not have the ability to [Read More...]


Jody Attempts to Spin his Dogmatism But it doesn’t fly. My point in critiquing Jody’s condescending “I don’t take the word of a pimply adolescent” dismissal of Rod’s story was not to say, “Rod said it. I believe it. That settles it.” It was to point out the hypocrisy of suggesting that a theistic adolescent’s [Read More...]